Susan Mcgalla – How Women Can Grow Their Careers

Nowadays, more women are pushing for gender equality in male-dominated jobs. However, the information availed to these women is too vague. Susan has shared her thoughts on how women ought to advance their careers. She has done this on the big stage, including some prominent conferences.


Women no longer want to be identified as ‘women,’ rather, they want to be seen as experts, just like their male counterparts. This change is promising, according to Susan. Susan was lucky to have a gallant father, who did not discriminate her gender. She notes that her parents taught her to work hard and be confident in herself regardless of the audience.


Susan stated that her upbringing contributed largely to her impartiality towards any gender. She is at ease with both males and females. There wasn’t any woman on American Eagle’s management when Susan joined. However, by working hard, she defied all odds to become the first female to accede to the executive board. McGalla has stated that her time at the firm was unforgettable. Eventually, she reached the helm of the company, overseeing significant success, with income hitting $3 billion.  Check 


After leaving America Eagle, Susan has become a freelance consultant on financial services. She attributes her independence to hard work and being passionate about her job. Moreover, she says that her womanhood has not played a part in her success. Susan is confident that women will adopt her method and stop focusing their careers around gender prejudices.

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About Susan


Susan McGalla was born in 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio. She attended Mount Union College, where she attained an undergraduate degree in business and marketing.


Over the years, Susan has worked in prominent firms. One notable instance is her time at American Eagle, where she oversaw massive success. Other companies she has served include Wet Seal, Inc., and HFF Inc.  Source:


Susan currently provides commercial consultancy services to businesses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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