Activewear Brand Fabletics is International Success Thanks to Adam Goldenberg



When Co-CEOs of JustFab Incorporated Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg teamed up with Oscar-nominated actress Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics they created an international business with over a thousand employees and over 1 million members worldwide in just three years. Originally Fabletics was built with the plan to be an online only brand, but with its growing expansion they have opened 18 stores and plan to add locations in Germany, Spain, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. With Fabletics in-house manufacturing, production, and delivery they are able to offer quality athletic wear.


According to, Adam Goldenberg started young in the business world; he was the youngest COO of a publicly traded company and now of course is the co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab Incorporated. Goldenberg says on Twitter that he believes the most revolutionary thing about JustFab is their membership model. They create a customer experience that is unique with the commitment of providing products that exceed their customer’s expectations. Goldenberg is passionate about working with smart people who love creating services and merchandise in ways that have never been done before.


At Fabletics, Goldenberg and Hudson are excited about the efficient retail that they are providing. With their membership program they are making the customers feel like V.I.P’s and they are creating quality and quantity with methodical execution. Adam believes in empowering his team to make their own decisions, and with that style of entrepreneurship he creates new challenges for his co-workers that result in an amazing outcome.


With the data-driven personalization model that Fabletics implements that create a relationship that makes their customers feel engaged on a personal level. Fabletics can offer production with accurate analytics, which then provide savings on their manufacturing which create savings for their customers. Why should anyone have to pay a fortune for fashionable athletic wear? Hudson and Goldenberg believe that you can have a company with great customer service, quality products, and modern style without the big price tag. Fabletics is flexible and evolve with the market, and with that mindset they are sure to be a force in the athletic fashion business for years to come.  Adam Goldenberg’s company has a Wikipedia page here, or you can read about his plans with Don Ressler in the LA Times.