Securus Technologies Challenges GTL into A Superiority Battle

Securus Technologies a recognized leading company that provides technological services and solutions to the civil and criminal justice sector, their technology solutions is for the public safety, corrections, monitoring, as well as investigation. The firm has been offended by the claims made by their main competitor the GTL, as result it challenged its main competitor to allow an independent technology judge identify who has the biggest and superior products, the most technologically advanced cell phone calling platform, which among the two has high level of investment and most cost efficient as well as the excellent customer service as well as the concerned industrial measurement criteria.



According to Richard A. Smith, GTL claims are all fake on all bases, for example, the claim by GTL that it has the best technology and that their customer service is comparable to that of Securus Technology. Smith is the Securus Technology Chief Executive Officer. Smith says that he would prefer that an independent judge determines both products sets, the calling platforms as well as both customer services representations, and the accurate outcome about superiority between the two companies.



Smith insist that is impossible to make the comparison between the two companies because Securus Technology has invested and reinvested a lot into their businesses that include the acquisition of the companies, product development together with modern Technology Center as well as the US Customer Service Center. GTL has invested a small fraction while Securus technologies have invested over $700 million.



This is a win/loss for Securus, acknowledges Smith, he is aware that they would gain the most in this contest. He says that one would have to look at the detail of both platforms in an independent manner to make a comparison of both technologies, reliability of the IT work, the calling platform, the capital invested as well as product potential.




Valuable Customer Base

Securus Technologies is a nationally acclaimed information technology corporation that provides excellent service and products to its customer base. The consumers that Securus focuses on are inmates; incarcerated individuals who are currently serving time within the American prison system. It is important to support these people, especially since many individuals do not within American society, looking down at these individuals as being dregs to society. This important quality has put Securus on the map, and identifies them as unique technology firm within the business community.


Recently Securus has become targeted buy another Corporation within the information technology industry, GTL. GTL claims that Securus has number of expired patents on its products and services, which would mean that they would lose ownership of these items and that they would be free use within the industry. These accusations arose within the media a few months ago, but after some speculation and some independent research it has been discovered that they are baseless and inaccurate. Securus still hold all of its patents, and will continue to be able to produce services and high-quality products to its clients.


Useful forms of technology such as downloadable applications to mobile devices that offer video streaming abilities make Communications both comfortable and convenient. By providing these services to their customers, especially customers who do not have access to other forms of communication technology, Securus is producing loyalty and a customer base that will never leave them.