The Principal of Diversant LLC John Goullet is a Successful IT Recruitment Expert

Having worked for many years in the sector of IT recruitment, John Goullet’s name is prominent in the industry, and many businesses and companies that rely on him have greatly benefitted from the excellent services that he provides. He is a leading consultant and expert in the long-term strategic plans of IT companies. In an increasingly evolving industry, the IT firms are always faced with a shortage of workers, and that is why the work of professionals like John is important.

Before becoming a computer consultant, John Goullet obtained a degree in computer sciences from the prestigious Ursinus University, and to date, he has collaborated with prominent IT firms such as TSR Consultants, Piscataway, and Gemini. The experience he has accumulated in the field has enabled him to have a clear insight of what the dynamics of the industry are so he is best qualified to give advice on the direction the IT companies should move. There is always a need for IT specialists because the type of training and skill need to master the trade makes it difficult to get the right people and talent to serve in many workplaces.

The gap in employment in the IT sector is what motivated John to start is the company that deals in the recruitment of staff and talent. The company known as Info Technologies was the first commitment that the entrepreneur made in the business. Although the competition was stiff, the skill and business acumen that John Goullet demonstrated has made him become a success. Many of the organizations in the Fortune 500 A-list have had the privilege of getting the services of the IT professional.

In less than five years, John Goullet has managed to accumulate a fortune of up to $30 million which is not a simple thing for a startup to do. It is worth noting that the business was started on an experimental basis, but presently it is attracting top brains in the IT sector and so the principal has formed partnerships with other companies to bring innovations in the industry. Due to rapid expansion, Info Technologies is now Diversant LLC, and John Goullet is the CEO of the enterprise.

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Wessex Institute of Technolgy’s journals

Wessex Institute of Technology also known as WTI is located in Southhampton, England. WTI is known world wide for its various methods of information sharing throughout the scientific community. This information between academic and professional users are exchanged throughout industry. A few ways WTI gets this information to the professionals are WTI conferences, research studies, academic courses, and journals.

WTI press create many fascinating and very informative journals. Some of these include, “Sustainable Development and Planning”, “Safety and Security Engineering”,and “Energy Production and Management”. Coming in 2018, another publication journal “International Journal of Environmental Impacts”.

So log on to and start reading and understanding how much WTI and the journals can help you and your business.

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Visual Search Technology Greatly Enhances A Shopping Experience

Prominent visual search provider Slyce strongly believes in creating a unique shopping experience by integrating the world’s best brands into their proprietary online platform on Currently partnering with the top twenty retailers in the United States such as Lord and Taylor, Yoox, Mango, Coach, Forzieri, Nasty Gal, Singer 22, Saks Fifth Avenue, ASOS, Silver Jeans, JCPenny and Neiman Marcus, this renowned company strives to present a variety of customizable services for every product recognition need. As a fairly new corporation, Slyce has already outsmarted their competitors with the evolution of their mobile application that includes innovative visual search technology. This unprecedented platform enables users to identify products based on a stored picture on their smart phone. Most prominently, the company’s leadership team of experienced professionals is revolutionizing online shopping with the integration of modernize and practical visual search technology.

The inspiration for a premier and unusual product recognition company started at a prominent consulting firm (Business Instincts) where coworkers Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot envisioned an online interface that merged shopping and advanced technology in a simple and streamline approach. During their employment at Business Instincts, which was the partners’ first entrepreneurial pursuit, the dynamic duo worked tirelessly to draft the perfect business plan that would create the best visual search company in the country. In February 2013, Slyce was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The following year, the company generated roughly $10.75 million in seed funding, most of which was used to develop innovative shopping features.

Slyce’s increasing popularity is influenced by their proprietary online products and services. Moreover, by utilizing the Snap-to-Buy feature, customers can easily purchase identifiable items through a retailer’s website. In addition, the company developed the Visual Relevancy Engine, which is a unique recognition platform that locates similar products based on the uploaded image from a customer’s smart phone. Similarly, Slyce has recently created a service that can identify products from posted pictures on social networking applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of the company’s complementary features include Snap-to-Discover, Snap-to-List, and Snap-to-Coupon.

Today, Slyce is often referred to as the “Shazam” for shopping as most customers truly enjoy the unprecedented shopping experience. As the company continued to expand, Chell and Racicot acquired, SnipSnap, BuyCode, and Drivetrain Agency in 2014.

Following these noteworthy purchases, BuyCode Chief Executive Officer Avital Yachin was hired as Slyce’s Chief Production Officer and Drivetrain Chief Executive Officer joined as the Chief Technology Officer. In the same year, the company traded publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange market, which was achieved through a mergers and acquisitions agreement with Oculus Ventures. Slyce’s current partners are Offerpop, Purchase Decision Network, and Photon.

Telecommuting Technology Has Changed How People Work Forever

Telecommuting and outsourcing are two of the greatest trends to impact business for the last several decades. Both of them have been facilitated by the increase of technological capacity. People no longer are limited by their geographic area when it comes to a job. They are not chained to a desk for a certain number of hours each day. Now workers can travel as they please and keep deadlines of their own making. Telecommuting opens up entire new worlds of employment opportunities for people all over the world. Even as a part-time income to supplement wages, telecommuting can be a viable and rewarding option. There are many people who would not consider a switch back to traditional employment after living the lifestyle of a telecommuter. That’s how powerful the lure is.

Shaygan Kheradpir is someone who knows about the importance of telecommuting technology. He’s worked to help build the infrastructure that powers many of today’s telecommuting companies. He’s been deeply involved in every aspect of the telecommuting industry during a distinguished career. In the years of 2010 to 2013, Shaygan Kheradpir was a board member on the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This powerful group is also called the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology by many. Just before starting there, he worked from the years 2007 to 2010 as a member in good standing of the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York. He’s also an active and current member of the Cornell University Engineering Council. All of his many responsibilities have taught him about the importance of collaborative software. Collaborative software continues to get better and has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Telecommuting is one of those major industry sectors that’s not going away. There are millions of people around the world who love the freedom to hire and work this way. Companies that have become very large in the last decade rely heavily on workers who telecommute. Technology that allows people to collaborate on projects as effectively as if they were in the same office is hard to beat. This is making many people’s lives much easier. Imagine a young mother who has to watch after small children. She probably would love to have some sort of income, but she can’t leave the children alone all day. For her, telecommuting is an awesome opportunity. Since she has a lot of downtime during the day, she can use that time to earn money. The company benefits from having a worker who can cover their needs on an as-needed basis. This deal works well for both sides and is the direct result of technology. In the next few years, it’s extremely likely that this trend will continue and will be extended. There are many people who can benefit from part-time work. They are located all over the world and can do the jobs required of them by many companies.

Enhancing Business and Technology as Explained by Shaygan Kheradpir

In the world of today, business and technology are like Siamese twins. They depend on each other to thrive. Technology enables functions to be accomplished faster, easier and through a better manner. Effective management of business requires a proper approach and use of technology in terms of managing and use of information. Business has to keep up with the ever-changing technology in order to enjoy a higher market share and a large consumer base.

Any given business setup needs effective communication mediums. Such mediums facilitate smooth operations within the organization. Technological systems ensure that there is a proper and faster flow of information. Businesses should employ competent technology-oriented experts to manage their information systems. The reason for having such experts is to avert risks and enhance user interface given that most businesses have online portals. Every business has a technology department that deals with all issues dealing with transactions done through the online medium.

Today, most businesses have integrated technology into their operations. A good example is in the finance industry. Banks are now encouraging wireless transactions through mobile phones. Such services have enhanced efficiency and convenience to the consumers. Use of technology by different institutions has been the major driving force in gaining more customers through provision of consumer friendly products. Apart from banks and other institutions, there are companies that deal purely with technology. These companies deal with customers who range from cable companies and traditional service providers. Technological companies focus on providing solutions to consumers through production of innovative products and service offing.

Technological companies require technological experts who can make future technological decisions on behalf of the company and their clients. Such decisions focus on retaining of customers and increasing their market share. Appropriate decisions entail packaging their products in an attractive manner with the view to attracting a large client base. Such marketing activities require seasoned marketers who understand how the business models work. Businesses needs people having a keen eye on technology in order to focus on customer’s problems and solutions in a bid to register growth through increased profitability margins.

Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter is regarded as a successful technology expert and business executive. He received his bachelor degree, masters, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the renowned Cornell University. He started working at GTE Corporation. The corporation was to merge with Bell Atlantic leading to the formation of Verizon in the year 2000. At Verizon, Kheradpir led a team of about 7000 people to make innovative products that saw the company register a higher client base within a short period. While at Verizon, he made contributions to the development and deployment of FiOS.

In 2011, Shaygan Kheradpir developed the Pingit mobile money system while working at the prestigious Barclays group. He served as the Chief Operating Officer for the bank before being promoted to becoming the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. In his career, Kheradpir has built focused teams that have changed the way companies relate to employees, customers and the community. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks and has already developed an Integrated Operating Plan.