Helene Morrison, a Dedicated Professional Woman Making Change Happen!

There are very few people in the world that can get at the top of their field and do it while serving the regular and ordinary and making changes that matter for people from many walks of life, especially women! 

Helane Morrison fascinates me from her careers in journalism and law to her work at the Securities Exchange Commission and at Hall Capital which is a huge, financial game player with a team of women for leaders! This is definitely not the average of todays world, while as women pursue business college and finish as men, we don’t see the same equality when it comes to holding top positions in the financial career market. 

Helane has been a woman who always saw the need for change and acted on it, not only is she a person of high integrity but has also saw to it in her career to police others and make sure they are too. The government even saw her dedication and skill when appointing her as head of Enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time at the SEC not only did she expose many corrupt employees at big companies but also was instrumental in the protection of senior citizens against fraudulent investments and activities and helped abolish insider trading. 

So many Americans have lost faith in Wall Street and in our economy, and less and less trust anyone with their money. There is no doubt that since the great depression the stock market crash of 2007-2009 was the next worst financial crisis affecting America but it also exposed a lot of shady activity and corruption. Homes were foreclosed on, banks were bailed out by the government and consumers lost confidence in even their most trusted sources for finance and investment. This insecure feeling spread not only in America but throughout the world, people felt more comfortable hiding money under their beds than in bank accounts or other investments. In a recent pool in the Wall Street Journal/NBC only 28 percent of Americans thought the economy is improving and with the 2016 presidential election looming no one is predicting any greater confidence, in fact the problem is expected to get worse. (Source) 

In the past many people relied on investments for financial gain and wealth but no one knows who to trust or where to turn now, a watchdog is needed more than ever. That is where Helene Morrison comes in. She has been involved and respected for protecting not only the financial assets of her clients but even those of the public in her work at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and now at Hall Capital she continues to be a trailblazer in ethics and a leader in the financial services market. 

Helane Morrison believes in change and equal rights, equality, fairness and integrity at work and holding others accountable for theirs too! She is a true force to be reckon with. 

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Doe Deere the Entrepreneur and Inspiration

The CEO and Founder of Lime Crime
Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She provides a cruelty-free line of cosmetics that are colorful and even magical. She loves happy customers who feel free to express themselves through her makeup line. Lime Crime has an excellent customer service team. Doe Deere and Lime Crime are an enthusiastic team of makeup artists who encourage freedom through makeup and self expression.

The Entrepreneur that Believes in Gut Instincts
Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime is an entrepreneur who will tell anyone that they should definitely trust their gut instincts. These instincts can be a grand guiding force. Ms. Deere had developed her own intuition and it is now second nature to her. She believes that instinct and business work well together.

A Strategy that Includes Respect
Doe Deere has added a dose of respect in here overall strategy for her business. The added respect extends to vendors, employees, partners, and customers. Treating people with respect and love leaves them feeling valued and appreciated. Positive reinforcement is vital for this leader.

Keeping the Trust of the Customer
In the year 2014, there had been an incident with a security breach within the website. The Lime Crime website had gotten hacked. It should be known that negligence was not the cause. Doe Deere and her team have worked hard to resolve that security breach. The trust of the customer in any business is vital. Doe and her team have done so much to educate all of their Lime Crime customers. Doe ensured that there were extra Customer Care assistance hired. There were also a team of online security experts brought in to help to make sure that the website was is transparent and 100 percent secure. Doe Deere and her entire team have learned much from that unfortunate incident. They took action and continue to place a high value on each and every customer.

Animal Lover
It is very clear that Doe Deere is a woman who loves and respects animals in every way. This is apparent in the cruelty-free products that she provides. She donates to an animal rescue organization too. This is a no-kill shelter that is in New York. She has three cats living with her currently. Two of these cats had been rescued. Animal rescue is a cause that is very dear to her heart.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive in the fields of business and technology. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s and a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering, which he acquired from Cornell University. Throughout his working career, he managed to contribute to the deployment of FiOS at Verizon. At Barclays, he had contributions in developing a mobile money system known as Pingit, and he also contributed in developing an Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) while he was at Juniper Networks as a Chief Executive Officer.

He was born in London but grew up in Iran. He attended high school in Switzerland at Aiglon College. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir on mtv.com moved to the United States for his university education at Cornel University.

His career started at GTE Corporation, which formed Verizon once it merged with Bell Atlantic. Initially, Mr. Kherdapir had the role of President of Verizon’s e-business division, but later on he became the company’s first CIO/CTO. During his time at Verizon, Mr. Kheradpir managed to diversify the company into providing a broader range of services in the telecommunication industry. He was the leader of 7,000 employees who worked to support IT systems and develop new products, such as:
• Verizon One – His department was responsible for developing a combination phone, router, modem and portable device.
• Iobi – It was developed to manage address books, caller ID and other features across devices.

What Mr. Kheradpir also managed to do was to reduce the company’s technology spending by about 30%. He did it by outsourcing to India, negotiating with vendors and making improvements on the utilization of IT assets. His division was also responsible for reengineering many of Verizon’s core systems, including call center, website, automated customer service systems and more.

From 2011 to 2013, he was employed at Barclays. Kheradpir joined Barclays in January 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank. As already mentioned, he contributed to the development of the Pingit mobile payments software and other customer service products. Subsequently, he was promoted to an Officer of Technology and Chief Operations. He will also be remembered as the first technology executive that sat on the executive team at Barclays.

Mr. Kheradpir was recently the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks, and he worked there from January to November 2014. He launched an Integrated Operating Plan (IOP), which was aligned with the activist investors’ recommendations, and it is used to reduce expenses, buy back stock, and increase dividends.

Throughout his career Shaygan Kheradpir has formed and been in charge of teams with a mission to bring new changes that will matter to the world of customers, employees, investors, and the community. He has connected and brought innovation and improvements across multiple industry segments.

What Traits a Businesswoman Should Have

Most women don’t choose business unless they have the real motivation, patience and willingness to survive in that business. Likewise, women shouldn’t choose business unless they have a supportive family, get along with profit and loss equally, understand the issues involved both in social and career level and are extraordinarily motivated.

Remember, not all women are cut-out for doing business and choosing it as their main career. However, there are no hard rules as to who is and who isn’t. The fact is that women who have skills and traits in marketing and selling a product or service are mostly successful in business. Again, the absence of any of these traits isn’t necessarily a showstopper if the right motivation or need is present. For example, a woman who can get along well with other people would be more successful. Other women will have the right motivation but will have to make an extra effort to connect with people. In general, a woman who is motivated and willing to start a business, is more than halfway there. She needs to take a honest look at where her strengths and weaknesses lie and move in the right direction.

Here are some tips on how a woman can improve her business skills and potential. A woman who wants to do business should have a supportive family. Since a business needs complete attention during the initial stage, woman should have someone caring for family members at home. A businesswoman needs to have a good social contact which means she should be able to connect with people visually as well as non-visually. It is good to have strong communication skills. If the business is a startup, she should be a self-starter, has strong work ethic and be an effective time manager. Running a business be it small or big on your own if you are a woman means passing many hurdles along the way. A specific goal will make the task a little easy for a woman. It is better if the woman is a perfectionist, likes what she odes, is dependable and organized, good at multitasking, comfortable with technology, a problem-solver, and has a strong desire to move forward along with many other traits.

Susan McGalla President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitter brand worked with her family to turn her dreams into reality. She even established expectation from her family members. It worked for her. She made a wide range of contributions to the company she worked for. SusanMcGalla’s page on about.me held many positions in those companies and brought a true culture change that motivated other women like her.

Even for women with supportive family, being a businesswoman sometimes means some serious reprogramming to their schedules. Kids need to be educated well regarding the extra time off. There is a need to have the patience with an extraordinary ability to concentrate as well. For some women, having a business of their own is a respite from the battles at home. It gives them a chance to be independent.

Follow the Lead Of Investment Banker James Dondero

The field of investment banking is one that requires the participant to be fully aware of many factors at the same time. Many investment bankers like James Dondero focus on investing in the American stock market in order to be able to raise capital and manage their existing capital as well as looking for growth opportunities. Investing in the American stock market is often a way to earn interest on one’s funds and thus to be able to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant retirement. With the assistance of the best possible investment advice, many people are able to see their capital grow and spot many new investments.

Those who enter this field need to have certain skills. Such skills include an understanding of the world of finance as well as that of business management and economics. The investment banker must also be aware of other factors such as their client’s specific tolerance of risk and the client’s short term and long term fiscal goals. An investment banker who knows that people look to the market to accomplish many different kinds of financial plans is an investment banker who will succeed in helping his clients well and gaining many other clients at the same time.

One such highly successful investment banker is Mr. James Dondero. Dondero is one of the world’s most successful investment bankers. Under his leadership, many people have been able to find the kind of help they need to grow their portfolio and be part of a community of investors who know how to use capital well. Mr. Dondero is both the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, a firm dedicated to providing people with access to skilled financial advice and allowing them the opportunity to participate in the stock market. Mr. Dondero and his team of skilled fiscal advisors have done much to help show investors that the power of the market is within their grasp. He and his partners have raised billions in capital and used such funds to help people start new businesses as well as expand their existing business. In this way, all those who have worked with his firm have been able to benefit from his insights and leadership skills.

The investor who is able to learn as much as possible about how the market works is an investor who can be confident they have mastered all aspects of the market. Doing so can allow them to help determine the course of their portfolio and provide them with the means of making intelligent and thoughtful choices in the market in a way that can fully serve their needs at all times. Both the investor and the marketplace will benefit from such an investor.

Making Sure Wiki Entries Are Properly Written And Edited

Wikipedia pages are very important to persons, places, and things that would benefit from the public having proper access to them. A person who is prominent in a particular field is definitely going to benefit from the presence of a quality Wikipedia entry showing up in the search engine rankings.

The entry does have to be one of quality to really deliver any benefit. A poorly composed Wiki entry that somewhat rambles or is too sparse or contains old, outdated information does not impress. Anyone hoping the Wiki entry provides any help is going to be sorely disappointed when readers of the page are left with a bad impression.

This is why hiring a reliable updating and editing service could prove enormously beneficial. Get Your Wiki is one such service and the company aids in maintaining Wikipedia pages. Editing and updating are two of the main services provided. Anyone who is unable to effectively manage a Wiki page really should think about outsourcing the work to such a company.

Doing so improves the likelihood the page will do what is really intended of it. The page will properly inform readers and leave them with a good impression. Professionalism does have the ability to deliver such results. Someone who is not all that skilled with editing or writing the proper content for an online encyclopedia should leave the work to someone who does possess said skills.

You could use Wikipedia writers to help update your entry with pertinent information and be as long and as voluminous as needed. Of course, the content could be trimmed down during later editing sessions as needed. Spam or inaccurate content that was added by a third-party writer could be removed. All of these steps serve one primary purpose: to make sure the entry is well-written. A poorly composed entry simply is going to reflect badly on the subject.

Persons and businesses hoping the entry casts a positive light are best keeping a terribly written entry from remaining up for a single day. Without proper editorial oversight, no guarantees over quality or editorial control can be made. Working with a reliable professional service does provide some guarantees.

Eucatex: In The Forefront Of Ecological Materials Manufacturing


Eucatex, also known as the Eucatex Group, was formed in 1951 as a production company dedicated to the creation of lining and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers. The first factory was built three years later in 1954 in Salto, Brazil and produced softboards. The company patterned its business model from the Americana Sawmill Americana (est. 1923 in Sao Paulo) and later began manufacturing ceiling tiles and paneling.

The current president of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf (born December 2, 1961), a mechanical engineer and graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, or FAAP). He worked in the trade division of the company from 1987-1996 and was later invited by his uncle (who was president of Eucatex at the time) to join the executive group. In 1997, Maluf became company president, heavily financing new products shortly thereafter. He expressed prolific concerns surrounding the company’s technology and innovations, and worked diligently to catapult Eucatex into the forefront of ecologically-friendly materials manufacturing.

Eucatex has mastered the art of fabricating products from eucalyptus derivatives. To ensure that high-quality products are created, choice seedlings are grown through vegetative propagation (asexual cloning) on the company’s plantations. After success with tiles and panels, the first paint products were incorporated into the product line after export trade began in 1965. For the next 25 years, Eucatex globally expanded to more than 50 countries, categorizing its products into four main areas – forestry, wood, metallic, and mineral.

The Best Investment Opportunities in Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the seventh largest economy in terms of (GDP). These are just a few of the reasons Brazil is currently providing excellent investment opportunities. The following are four of the best areas of investment in Brazil.

1. Coffee
Some investment experts are predicting that coffee may be the top commodity performer of 2015. Brazil is the top coffee producer in the world, making this a great area for investment opportunities. The export volume of gourmet coffee has risen significantly in recent years.

2. Sugar
One of Brazil’s biggest railroad operators has recently announced that they will invest $2.6 billion over the next five years to keep up with the higher agricultural production. Since Brazil is not only the world’s top coffee producer, but the biggest sugar producer as well, sugar will likely be a good investment in the coming years.

3. Iron Ore
Brazil boasts some of the largest iron ore deposits throughout the world. The Chinese are currently investing in Brazil’s iron ore production. The company Vale, with Chinese backing, is now able to fund a $16 billion expansion in their mines. This particular company is expected to grow in the coming years, making it a great investment opportunity.

4. Hydropower
Hydropower provides most of Brazil’s electricity. The Itaipu dam in the southwest area of Brazil is the world’s second largest hydroelectric power plant for energy generation. Brazil takes a different approach to hydroelectricity by relying on large plants instead of several smaller dams. Itaipu and Belo Monte are two of the largest Brazilian hydroelectricity plants.

Before investing in Brazil make sure to study the markets and get advice from those who understand the country and the investment process. Native Brazilian Igor Cornelsen is a former banker and investment professional who many people rely on for expert investing advice. He encourages individuals to earn passive income through long-term investments.

Igor Cornelsen Seeks to Educate Novice Investors About the Stock Market

Leading Brazilian businessman, Igor Cornelsen is on a mission to spread the knowledge of the stock market to novice investors. Throughout the years, he fine-tuned his investment strategy and in 2011, he developed Bainbridge Incorporated which is a prominent company that specializes in portfolio advising. Currently, Cornelsen serves as an investment advisor at his newly launched firm and is always eager to provide inside guidance to his loyal clients. Essentially, he believes that investing is a long-term game and, as a result, this prominent business owner encourages his patrons to stay committed to his investing strategies and principles. Most importantly, Cornelsen advises novice investors to adopt a new philosophy regarding the stock market in order to ensure a substantial return of investment.

The first step in ensuring long-term success is to approach the stock market with reverence and careful consideration. Unlike the lottery, investing is a career move and only intelligent and conscientious individuals are likely to win. Therefore, Cornelsen actively monitors his clients’ progress and also frequently asks insightful questions to ensure that they are 100 percent committed to his investment plan.

Perhaps the most important component of Cornelsen’s strategy for success involves maximizing potential profits by researching companies that have guaranteed productivity. Moreover, he teaches his clients to invest in the right arenas such as local farms and lands in major cities. Investing in local farms is a wise option because the cost of food is constantly increasing in many towns in the United States. Similarly, pursuing real estate in big locations like New York City is a worthy investment as the land is always in demand.

Cornelsen also advises his patrons to consider many small investments instead of over-committing to one particular stock. This effective investment approach will ultimately reduce potential losses and increase the chances of a successful outcome. Notably, a highly diversified portfolio reflects the clients’ decision to pursue profitable opportunities in which a major turn of investment is almost guaranteed.

The most common mistake of novice investors is the failure to change their thinking patterns in regards to stock market investing. Moreover, Cornelsen strongly believes that investing intelligently will reduce many errors in the open market and encourage profitable returns.