CCMP And Stephen Murray Really Helped Our Company Thrive

We did not have to start investing when we came to Stephen Murray the first time to talk about joining up with one of his funds, but he was wonderful as he talked to us about the fund that he was working on. I had no idea that there were so many new funds appearing on Wall Street, but it was very helpful to find out that he has a sort of plan for our business. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

We were very solid, and he chose us to come work with the new fund he was planning because he thought it would benefit us a lot. I have never met anyone so kind in the industry, and I was bitterly disappointed when he passed away

I actually got a call from one of his colleagues, and the colleague was very nice to me as he explained the plans and notes that Stephen Murray had left for our company.

Apparently, he left notes for all his clients, and he had an investment plan for us that pertained to this amazing fund that we have gotten involved in. I have been working with this person ever since, and we are basically using the plans that Stephen Murray had for us.

The plan to invest in a new fund at CCMP Capital was very special because it showed us that there was yet another way for people to get the results that they want. We were very lucky to get with CCMP Capital, and it made us feel like we had found another way to make money.

I think we are doing very well at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, and I wish that I could have gotten to know Stephen Murray better. He was a great person, and he showed even our company that we had more potential.