Knocking Down Barriers: Creating Investment Opportunities For The Middle Class

Investing means; giving money to a company to use. If all goes well, the investor earns a certain percentage of return. The larger the amount invested, the larger the return. Smart investors, of course, look for the most promising investments. Promising means, investments with the highest return, and the lowest amount of risk. Companies seeking to raise funds also seek the most secure investors (secure meaning those with the most money). The plain truth is, many companies seeking to raise capital consider only accredited investors. What is an accredited investor?

An accredited investor is an individual with an income of at least $200k per year for the last two years, $300k with a spouse, or a net worth of $1 million (excluding their home). Offering investment opportunities only to accredited investors leaves most people out. Quality investment opportunities must be available to all, or a large market is left untapped by both sides. Enter Brad Reifler.

Mr. Reifler has been successful since graduating Bowdoin University in the early 1980s. His most recent success began when he founded Forefront Capital LLC. As CEO, Brad built a diversified company offering a wide range products. Admittedly, most of Brad’s Foremost success was based on dealings with accredited investors. That excluded many people, like friends and family. Brad Reifler created Foremost Income Trust.

The Foremost Income Trust idea was to offer high yield, low risk investments to non-accredited investors. Each investor would have an affordable buy-in, and no fees are charged until the investor realizes a return of 8%. With this type of visionary investment plan available to the middle class, finance companies may soon have a new group of accredited investors to trade with.