Slyce Bringing In the Search Recognition Feature

Internet search is an essential part of anyone’s online experience. Whenever someone has a question, is curious about something, wants to locate something or really anything else like that, they turn to a search engine. Search engines provide helpful shopping services and assistance, but the shopping feature is where some of these search engines can run into a few problems. The main problem is unless someone knows the exact brand and type of object they are looking for, they might not be able to find it at all. This is simply because of the sheer volume of items sold online. Being able to boost these sales numbers and to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for online is one of the top jobs of search engines, but typing in keywords into the search field can only go so far until something needs to change. No matter how many different search algorithms or other elements are incorporated into the online search, it still just comes down to keywords plugged into a plank search bar. That, however, is where Slyce comes into play and where the company wants to change how search engines work. The Slyce company has created and built a visual search engine. Instead of just typing in keywords in order to bring up specific images, a user can now upload their own image and go to town finding exactly what it is they want and what they are looking for.

So What Does This Image Recognition Feature Do

So what exactly does this product recognition feature do? Basically, a user is going to upload an image. This can be an image they took themselves with the cameras built into their smart phones, or it is through the Internet with a picture they download. However they obtained the image digitally, it can be uploaded to the search field instead of using keywords. This way, the search system can cross reference it with other information and other content that is located in the search offering. This allows it to cross reference dozens of different options that provide a much better search result and drastically improves the chances of bringing back an accurate search result. So, anyone who is looking for a particular item or object online, whether it is something they wish to buy or just something they are interested in learning more about, they can just take a quick picture of it and upload it.

Image Recognition is the Future

Image recognition is the future of online searches. While it is currently being designed for online shopping and similar services, it is quickly expanding in order to cover a wide range of different options and objects.