How Greg Hague Uses the 990 Company to Make Millions

After the incredible blow that the U.S housing market has taken over recent years, Greg Hague has transformed the real estate market by applying an age-old retail marketing ploy. He changes the perspective of introducing new products or, in the case of real estate, attracting new customers.

The 990 sells homes plan will work for any real estate agent. Greg Hague, the founder of the 990 Company assures agents that if you are willing to give up the six percent commission on every sale, you will succeed. At $990 for a sale, you may lose from these one or two clients, but you will gain in the numbers as people learn of your fantastic agency.

The six percent is almost etched in stone for some realtors, but Mr. Hague encourages them to look outside that box and see what is available. They cannot inspire their business if they don’t want to take a risk to see the possibilities.

The Founder’s History of the 990 Company

Greg Hague began selling real estate in Scottsdale Arizona, and he quickly rose to the top of the market in Arizona. Greg is friendly and outgoing, and he has an incredible business mind. After several years of being the top marketer in his district, he wanted more. He took an age-old concept that Nordstrom and Macy use all the time, and he applied it to real estate.

This original idea puts one item on sale to bring the customers in, and then they buy everything that’s not on sale. Today, Mr. Hague has thirty-five years in the industry and is a millionaire. He believes that his 990 Company is the best way to attract and grow a successful business.

The 990 Venture

Today, Mr.Hague shares the 990 concept with agents across the country and for the annual dues of only $200, he is excited to share his successful ideas on advertising, marketing and negotiating the deal. As you begin to see your business expand, using the occasional $990 deal, you will watch your agency grow.

Greg has had thousands of sales and made millions of dollars by letting go of the six percent commission in every case. Using the $990 offer to advertise the agency, the seller does all the work. They hold the open house, and the seller finds the buyer. The agent lists the home in the MLS and takes care of the legal duties. When the house is sold, the customer is so happy that they saved thousands of dollars that they tell everyone they know. In addition, they could buy a house from you, and you’ve made three percent. It’s a win-win situation.

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