Climbing the Litigation Ladder

The field of law practice has greatly evolved over the years in Brazil. This has been particularly the case due to the emerging issues in law and new dimensions across different spectrum. This is especially with the different aspects that have been witnessed in the country.

Areas of practice

Some of the most common practice areas in the country include:

  • Banking operations
  • Civil law
  • Commercial law and contracts such as the formalization of contracts to ensure that your best interests have been taken care of.
  • Political and election law such as the settlement of disputes that has been brought up.
  • Business criminal law matters
  • Credit restructuring to ensure that all the financial matters guarantee a security both in the long term and short term basis.
  • Ricardo Tosto

One of the most outstanding and prominent lawyers in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. Having started form a small law office, Ricardo has managed to climb up the ladder from an experienced corporate litigation law firm to establish one of the largest law firms in Brazil. He has distinguished himself by representing some of the most known and prominent personalities across the country. The services that he has offered range from both the private and public sector to multinational corporations in a number of areas of law. Ricardo has prided himself in seeking the good out of all his colleagues. This has been a cornerstone of his leadership skills and one that has endeared him around every person that has worked under him. Ricardo received his undergraduate degree in the University of Mackenzie with an extension course that he received in the field of Business Administration.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Ricardo’s achievements is his touch with humanity. This can be well illustrated through the pro bono services he has offered to different non-governmental organizations as a way of giving back to society. He has experience in dealing with quite intense and stressful situations in the courtroom and has consistently called on his team of staff to keep fighting the good combat. His firm has grown to be associated with promptness as well as objectiveness and has used his legal expertise to influence some of the most common economic policies in the country for the citizens in the country.

The firm is dedicated to ensuring that all your matters receive the best representation possible in order to give you peace of mind and ensure that every aspect has been taken care of. One of the most distinguishing features is that the law firm has been recognized by both Legal 500 as well as the Brazilian legal publication Analise 500. This represents potential growth both in the short term and long term basis.

The legal industry in Brazil has grown in leaps and bounds. Ensure that you receive only the best legal representation on all your legal matters. The analysis that is made by the law firm of Ricardo Tosto seeks to ensure that every case has the best chance of success based on the facts of the case.