The Principal of Diversant LLC John Goullet is a Successful IT Recruitment Expert

Having worked for many years in the sector of IT recruitment, John Goullet’s name is prominent in the industry, and many businesses and companies that rely on him have greatly benefitted from the excellent services that he provides. He is a leading consultant and expert in the long-term strategic plans of IT companies. In an increasingly evolving industry, the IT firms are always faced with a shortage of workers, and that is why the work of professionals like John is important.

Before becoming a computer consultant, John Goullet obtained a degree in computer sciences from the prestigious Ursinus University, and to date, he has collaborated with prominent IT firms such as TSR Consultants, Piscataway, and Gemini. The experience he has accumulated in the field has enabled him to have a clear insight of what the dynamics of the industry are so he is best qualified to give advice on the direction the IT companies should move. There is always a need for IT specialists because the type of training and skill need to master the trade makes it difficult to get the right people and talent to serve in many workplaces.

The gap in employment in the IT sector is what motivated John to start is the company that deals in the recruitment of staff and talent. The company known as Info Technologies was the first commitment that the entrepreneur made in the business. Although the competition was stiff, the skill and business acumen that John Goullet demonstrated has made him become a success. Many of the organizations in the Fortune 500 A-list have had the privilege of getting the services of the IT professional.

In less than five years, John Goullet has managed to accumulate a fortune of up to $30 million which is not a simple thing for a startup to do. It is worth noting that the business was started on an experimental basis, but presently it is attracting top brains in the IT sector and so the principal has formed partnerships with other companies to bring innovations in the industry. Due to rapid expansion, Info Technologies is now Diversant LLC, and John Goullet is the CEO of the enterprise.

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