The Kenneth C. Griffin Legacy

Business executive and finance bigwig Ken Griffin was born in 1968, at Daytona Beach, Florida. He later attended the prestigious Harvard University where his passion for business started manifesting. It is while in the second year that he began investing. He drew his inspiration from insights in the Forbes magazine articles. He began with a hedge fund focused on convertible bond arbitrage. He also got assistance when raising the capital for the hedge fund from family and friends. Later on, after graduating, Kenneth was given a total of $1 million by Meyer C. Frank, the founder of Glenwood Capital, for investment. Meyer’s faith in Griffin paid off handsomely since he made handsome returns on investment. It is according to the New York Times. The achievement laid a foundation for a take-off in Kenneth’s career.

Having realized his potential, Griffin decided to start a company, Citadel on It is a global investment firm with an estimated value of $25 billion. The company’s group of hedge funds is ranked among the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world today, and Griffin is among the highest earning managers. This is according to the Forbes magazine.

As of May 2015, Kenneth Griffin was estimated to be worth $6.6 billion. He is not only a business executive, but a philanthropist who has widely donated funds channeled at enhancing other people’s lives. A good example is when he gave $150 million to aid financially constrained students at Harvard University, and for research and development. In total, he has given over $500 million in donations to various organizations across the US and the world. All these funds serve a sole purpose of bettering lives. He also funded and supported the opening of a new charter school in Canada, which included an early childhood center and a memorial hospital.

Kenneth is a staunch lover of art. He is known for buying artworks at very expensive prices. In one instance, he bought a painting from one Paul Cezanne at $60 million. It was a crazy amount to use in the purchase of a painting. Furthermore, he has a deep-seated interest in politics especially given his unreserved contributions and donations to politicians. In the 2007-2008 periods, after the financial crisis, he gave contributions to politicians and political parties that supported his views on “restore our future”. The motto was a political course that supported the presidential bid for Mitt Romney. Additionally, he is said to have donated $2.5million to Bruce Rauner, a Republican candidate for Illinois gubernatorial seat.

He is currently a board member the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation. He is also a member of G100, which has 100 CEOs that meets periodically to review the performance of the global economy. Griffin was elected in 2014 to the Board of Trustee for Chicago University to serve a five-year term, and also serves as the vice-chairman of the Chicago Public Education Fund. In his career, Kenneth has received many accolades and honors for the contribution to the world economy. It includes being named by Forbes among the highest earning hedge fund managers.

Time For Brazil’s Celebrated Investments

Brazil is best known for its intriguing Carnival festival, breathtaking beaches and stunning natural environments. Not only does this country attract an enormous amount of visitors but foreign investments as well. When it comes to making good investments in this country, there are as many as there are variations of its lively samba dance. One of the reasons is that Brazil is growing at an all-time rate and individuals are coming here to seek a better life, particularly when it comes to employment. Presently Brazil is expected to develop even more economically.

There are a number of earth-shaking investments that Brazil offers, such as raw materials and even oil however one must do a bit of research prior to selection. Also read up on what various economists are gathering about exports from Brazil and the supply and demand of those that interest you. While viewing pleasing informative index funds, some investors might take the plunge and make choices that may not benefit them in the long run. Some Brazilian stocks may resemble those of American stocks, particularly stemming from technology, which may not be a wise investment option at that time. Another scenario is a natural resource stock such as coffee or gold and if a demand for this equals less than the stock supply, there is the potential to lose on an investment. Incidents such as these require the help of a financial advisor or manager to ensure the best investments are made.

Professionals in the finance industry such as Zeca Oliveira are familiar with investing in Brazil and naturally he is eager to boast about what his country offers investment-wise. When one wishes to seek out potential investment prospects in Brazil, he is the person to seek out as he is knowledgeable about the latest options; he takes an interest in all clients and displays a genuine enthusiasm in his work! His past employment positions saw him overseeing astronomical amounts of money so he is quite savvy when it comes to investments reaching goals, particularly for the new investor and corporate clients. Using his analytical skills, he knows all about making informed financial decisions and recommendations.

Zeca Oliveira is proud and loves his beautiful country of Brazil so naturally he wants to see it continue to prosper as time goes by. Additionally he has been quite influential in the world of investments and many individuals would have never given a thought to these investments in Brazil if it were not due to Zeca Oliveira. Previously he had worked for BNY Mellon (a global financial company functioning in 34 countries which assists clients with financial assets) as their Chief Executive, afterwards he provided his vast understanding of investments to Bridge Trust Administration Bridge which eventually united with Gradual Investments.

Investment prospects in Brazil are astonishing as many companies are enjoying its generous success rates. This growth is due to the sure signs that this country, people and businesses are doing unimaginable things that were never anticipated or conquered before.