InnovaCare Health Introduces New Board Members

InnovaCare Health is a company based in the US. The company offers healthcare services to individuals by operating health plans, especially in North America. Today, the institution manages two programs from Medicaid. InnovaCare Health has earned the respect of many people for offering clients quality and affordable health care services. Not long ago, InnovaCare decided to increase its executive team members. The new board will have three more members.

Reports say that one of the members will be Jonathan Moyers. Jonathan was appointed to work in the position of Director of Actuarial Services on the board. He was appointed to this position because of his experience. He was once working for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey as the Director of Actuarial Services. Jonathan had also worked for Healthcare Partners at the position of Chief Actuary on These positions gave him the experience and knowledge to run a successful company like InnovaCare Health. When he was in charge of Employee benefits in International Paper, Jonathan is believed to have achieved a lot too.

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed to be the Chief Administrative Officer in the company. Penelope Kokkinides is one of the most influential individuals in the healthcare industry. She is very famous, thanks to her achievements in the field. She has worked in the health care department for a very long time, giving her the skills she needs to handle any situation. Penelope specializes in the government programs, and the organization will need her skills.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides was working as the vice president and chief operating officer for a successful organization in the country called Centerlight Healthcare. She also had the opportunity to work as the chief operating officer for Touchstone Health Corporate. In all her past positions, Penelope brought a lot of positive changes, become a very influential individual in the healthcare industry. Her skills and experience played a crucial role in her recent appointment.

Reports say that Mike Sortino was appointed to serve as the chief accounting offer in InnovaCare Health. Before the appointment, Mike was working as the controller at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. This position gave him a lot of experience in the insurance and reinsurance department.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare Health. Richard was given the top position several years ago after working in the operational and clinical healthcare department for more than twenty years. His leadership skills have played a significant role in the success of InnovaCare Health.

Get Help For Back Pain From North American Spine

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The doctors at the practice can offer their patients the option of a minimally invasive form of surgery that takes place quickly and can be used to help nearly instantly alleviate back pain in many patients. This procedure is known to be safe and offers a very fast recovery. Patients are often pleased at how quickly their problems can be resolved and they can get up and then return to work. Many patients have had the surgery and then found their back pain was gone and their recovery was quite fast. The result has been many very satisfied and completely happy clients.