US Money Reserve Makes Diversification easy

Today’s investors like to diversify their portfolios into precious metals. Since 2001 US Money reserve has provided a simple and accurate way for them to do this. They issue US government gold, silver and platinum products to investors. They allow investors to diversify their assets by purchasing physical precious metals. Many of the purchases are of gold and silver coins as well as bars.

US Money Reserve just recently debuted a new e-commerce website which makes it simple and easy for customers to find detailed product information online. The new online features include new photography of the company’s leader Philip Diehl. Mr. Diehl was the former US Mint Director. The new site is geared to help purchasers understand the products through educational information and to help them purchase the products. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

They offer competitive pricing on precious metals. Customers can visit the knowledge Center for up-to-date information on everything related to precious metals. With the company’s new service, the Client-Connect Advantage, and the company is able to get in contact with clients to discuss various aspects of the market. They can help with purchasing assistance as well as on offering direct purchases off-line. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

US Money Reserve has a return policy that is one of the best in the industry. It offers a full refund on certified coin orders at current market value if the refund is requested within 30 days of purchase. They offer one of the fastest insured the shipping methods in the industry. You can get a free gold information kit that will help you better understand the benefits of gold in your portfolio.

At US Money Reserve client satisfaction is of the highest priority. Their primary objective is to establish a trusting relationship with all of their customers, making the experience of diversifying a portfolio into physical metals a successful experience. The new upgrades of the website can be found in an article via CBS 19.

US Money Reserve is one of the leading distributors of gold silver and platinum. They have been in the business for over a decade and have competently serviced over 300,000 clients. They are experts in the industry.

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