Wikipedia Scandal Motivates Gatekeeper Company

Having a Wikipedia page in today’s internet-driven world is a great asset. It can be used to advertise personally, or to advertise a business. Wikipedia has been used as a source of personal and public information for many years now. It is a great platform to easily get the word out about anything under the sun. However, Wikipedia is also a public platform that is user-edited, making it easy for cyber thugs to falsify information and put out lies on a page. Elite Daily ran an article about such an instance, where celebrity, Marion Cotillard’s page was vandalized and false information was spread.

The Elite Daily covered the Wikipedia scandal shortly after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce was publicly announced. Rumors abounded that the divorce was a result of Brad Pitt’s affair with actress, Marion Cotillard, though these rumors are not confirmed as true. Fans quickly flocked to Cotillard’s Wikipedia page and edited it to contain slandering names like “cheater”. To read the entire account, head over to Elite Daily’s article.

Though what happened to the celebrity was unfortunate, it is still beneficial to make a Wikipedia page for personal or business needs. There are those who wish to have the advertising benefits of Wikipedia, but are too busy to make a page or are afraid of cyber thugs creating a scandal by editing the page with lies. Fortunately, there is a collaboration of people out there that offer Wikipedia services for businesses and individuals. GetYourWiki is a business that offers several Wiki services, including page creation, updating and continual editing to make sure the information stays relevant and true. They can be hired to keep a continual watch on a Wikipedia page to stop any cyber bullies that decide to change any information. Their team of experienced Wikipedia editors can also offer expert advice about what content to put on the page. With these people available, anyone should feel good about creating a Wikipedia page for their own. To seek out GetYourWiki services, head over to their website: