How JeanMarie Guenot has helped the success of Amphivena Therapeutics

JeanMarie Guenot is a scientist and researcher with over two decades of experience in biotechnology. She has been working with Amphivena Therapeutics for quite some time now, starting from various entry level positions to her current role. Her experience encompasses time served in the public sector, the commercial and corporate environment, venture capital, private sector and many other areas. She has managed to rise to the top and become the CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, a company that is looking for therapies to treat hematologic malignancies.

The very first job that she held was at Atlas venture. Jeanmarie Guenot took up the role of building companies that deal with life science. After school, she got her first employment opportunity as a principal scientist as Hoffman-La Roche. The responsibility that she held here was to look for therapies and treatments that were appropriate for metabolic disorders. She is a trained Doctor and has specialized in physical and medicinal chemistry. Other areas that she has worked in and tried to get solutions in include inflammation and oncology of autoimmune diseases. In school, Jeanmarie Guenot concentrated on quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methods in Oncology and autoimmune disorders. She has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Her PhD is from the Californian University in San Francisco.

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Other places she has worked in before include SKS ocular which studies ophthalmic therapies. At the company, she helped in developing treatment for various conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Other jobs that she has taken part in include acting as an advisor at Hoffman-La Roche and being in charge of licensing, acquiring and managing the commercial product portfolios at Bio Pharma on She has organized fund raisers and other activities that have helped countless cancer victims.

JeanMarie Guenot is an exemplary and dedicated leader. She believes in values such as working hard and adjusting well to the changes that occur in the environment, especially in connection to the world of technology. Responsiveness to the needs of the community in all that a person does is another things that he is very passionate about. She is truly an exceptional leader in the medical community.

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Lime Crime Cosmetics is a growing company


Women everywhere are embracing the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. Women deserve the opportunity to fully express their personality, and they are seeking out products that allow them to do so. One innovative woman that is working hard to change the world is Doe Deere.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she was raised in New York City. New York offered many wonderful female mentors that allowed Doe to become an influential and intelligent person. Each of these mentors pointed out that society regularly restricts women from living life on their terms. Many of these women were particularly upset with the lack of options in the cosmetics industry. Every lipstick was a shade of red, and blush only came in conventional colors. Doe knew that there had to be a better way.

Doe and her husband moved to Los Angeles several years ago, and they immediately started working on changing the way the cosmetics industry is run. Doe contacted people throughout the cosmetics field and started forming a team of experts. This team immediately started working on creating a unique cosmetics company. They eventually revealed their new company, Lime Crime.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a new and exciting cosmetics company. They want women to live their lives out loud. They offer a huge range of lipstick options. Each lipstick is a truly unique option. Jet black, lime green, and electric pink are all common shades in the Lime Crime line up. Their Velvetines line has become especially popular because it offers a wide range of colors and it goes on like a liquid. Lime Crime’s cosmetics lineup is especially popular with women around the world.

Lime Crime has made a name for themselves with their lipstick, but their other cosmetic options are amazing. The company also offers great eyeliners. The eyeliners come in several amazing shades including blue milk, cupid red, and quill. These eyeliners going on smooth and they are completely smudge-free. Women love the high-quality eyeliners offered by Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is extremely proud of their reputation, but they are even more proud of their treatment of animals. All Lime Crime products are vegan-friendly and they do not perform any testing on animals. Animal lovers everywhere can feel comfortable using Lime Crime cosmetics.

Women deserve products that allow them to live their lives out loud. Lime Crime cosmetics is working constantly to make this vision a reality.

Lime Crime looks forward to a bright future


Women deserve to feel like they can express themselves in any way they see fit. Unfortunately, for years, women were presented with limited options when it comes to makeup. Many women are stuck choosing the same color of lipstick, blush, and eyeliner. For years, women wanted a makeup company that allowed them to live their lives on their terms, but no makeup company was willing to step up and make the cosmetic products that women desire. Finally, Lime Crime cosmetics decided to stand up for women everywhere.

Lime Crime Cosmetics was founded with one mission, allow women to live their lives out loud. They wanted to produce a huge variety of colors that women want. Purple, pink, blue, and black are all offered by Lime Crime, along with the traditional colors. Women have flocked to this beautiful cosmetics company and many have expressed their love of the brand to their friends and family.

Lime Crime has become one of the most successful cosmetics brands in the world, but it didn’t happen overnight. The leaders at Lime Crime have a social media savvy that is rarely seen in the business community. They regularly share their experiences and new products on social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Potential customers love hearing about these exciting products that Lime Crime has to offer. The company has run an extremely successful social media campaign and recently they reached a huge social media milestone.

Lime Crime recently passed the two million follower mark on Instagram. Instagram is an extremely popular social media site that allows people to post pictures of their major life events and share them with the world. Lime Crime likes to use their Instagram account to share new and exciting products and to post pictures of women trying their products out for the first time. They also regularly interact with their customers on Instagram to get feedback. This social media strategy has drawn thousands of customers into the Lime Crime family.

Lime Crime has become an extremely successful cosmetics company because they have an amazing leader. The company is lead by the amazing Doe Deere. Doe Deere loves living her life out loud. She wears whatever colors she wants whenever she wants. Doe has built a reputation for going against the grain and she has helped lead Lime Crime to new heights.

Lime Crime is one of the greatest cosmetics companies out there right now, and their leadership team has a clear vision for the future.

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Helene Morrison, a Dedicated Professional Woman Making Change Happen!

There are very few people in the world that can get at the top of their field and do it while serving the regular and ordinary and making changes that matter for people from many walks of life, especially women! 

Helane Morrison fascinates me from her careers in journalism and law to her work at the Securities Exchange Commission and at Hall Capital which is a huge, financial game player with a team of women for leaders! This is definitely not the average of todays world, while as women pursue business college and finish as men, we don’t see the same equality when it comes to holding top positions in the financial career market. 

Helane has been a woman who always saw the need for change and acted on it, not only is she a person of high integrity but has also saw to it in her career to police others and make sure they are too. The government even saw her dedication and skill when appointing her as head of Enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time at the SEC not only did she expose many corrupt employees at big companies but also was instrumental in the protection of senior citizens against fraudulent investments and activities and helped abolish insider trading. 

So many Americans have lost faith in Wall Street and in our economy, and less and less trust anyone with their money. There is no doubt that since the great depression the stock market crash of 2007-2009 was the next worst financial crisis affecting America but it also exposed a lot of shady activity and corruption. Homes were foreclosed on, banks were bailed out by the government and consumers lost confidence in even their most trusted sources for finance and investment. This insecure feeling spread not only in America but throughout the world, people felt more comfortable hiding money under their beds than in bank accounts or other investments. In a recent pool in the Wall Street Journal/NBC only 28 percent of Americans thought the economy is improving and with the 2016 presidential election looming no one is predicting any greater confidence, in fact the problem is expected to get worse. (Source) 

In the past many people relied on investments for financial gain and wealth but no one knows who to trust or where to turn now, a watchdog is needed more than ever. That is where Helene Morrison comes in. She has been involved and respected for protecting not only the financial assets of her clients but even those of the public in her work at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and now at Hall Capital she continues to be a trailblazer in ethics and a leader in the financial services market. 

Helane Morrison believes in change and equal rights, equality, fairness and integrity at work and holding others accountable for theirs too! She is a true force to be reckon with. 

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Doe Deere Breaks The Makeup and Fashion Color Barrier

Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere is one of a kind but, in the very best way. As the new makeup rules come out every September, in copy after copy of runway fodder Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules, all of the rules. If beauty is subjective, why not?

Since breaking makeup and fashion rules are far from a criminal act, there is no reason not to be like Doe and become a makeup pioneer. After all this is a industry that is all about being on the cutting edge of new trends. As children many are told to be a leader not a follower. Than two seconds later the mother is reminding her daughter to make sure she follows the rules that go with makeup.

Doe Deere loves breaking the rules of makeup and fashion. For instance that party dress just sitting in the corner like a wall flower can be used more for just one occasion and the only thing to do is spice it up by wearing a cute cardigan with it.

She even tells her own mom to dress to the personality inside not the age outside. If her personality clashes with her age and she chooses to listen to the age rule, she needs to shatter that rule. Doe Deere has always marched to her own beat. Early on she spent a lot of time on You Tube creating makeup and fashion videos. At first she didn’t even like how some of them turned out but, eventually ended up with more and more followers who were ready to wear their personality. She has come a long way and should be applauded for turning a passion into a career.

If you have a wild child hairstyle and color by all means allow the color to flow throughout the wardrobe as well. Black and white went out with the tube television that resides in the attic. Color adds personality so Doe Deere encourages color in clothes, hair and makeup. Because one is bright and sparkly doesn’t mean the rest has to be dull and drab.

One of Doe Deere’s favorite fashion statements would probably be approved by great aunt Ruth, who knew, she was the biggest trendsetter in the family by wearing fashion socks with a pair of open toes shoes. There are never to many colors so light up the world with a fashion rainbow and by all means clash those patterns together. The bolder the makeup the better instead of only one bold feature make them all bold.

Doe Deere is a leader in the make up industry. She has allowed her love for color to filter into all of her fashion choices. There are numerous trends set by this amazing woman who started her company after a slumber party among friends. She figured if she could dress and wear the colorful makeup that she wants why not turn it into a brand. She is breaking the color barrier everywhere.

Susan McGalla: A Role Model for Entrepreneurs

Susan McGalla, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a very successful businesswoman as well as an executive consultant. Throughout her career, she has proven her entrepreneurial skills as well as her drive for success. One of the career ventures she is best known for is being the former president of the clothing franchise, American Eagle Outfitters. She was also the chief executive officer of another clothing company, Wet Seal. In all of McGalla’s roles, she has risen to the top, becoming the head or president of each company.

Susan McGalla started her very successful business career at Joseph Horne Company, an iconic, regional department store which was based in Pittsburgh. Joseph Horne Company closed its doors in 1994. While here, McGalla worked in both marketing positionas and managerial positions. Following this, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters. She started here working in women’s clothing as a merchandise buyer for the division. She worked at American Eagle in different managerial roles, until eventually becoming the company’s president, as well as the chief merchandising officer. Before working these positions for the entire company, she did work these positions for the flagship store. While McGalla was the president of American Eagle, she oversaw the launch of both aerie and 77kids brands.

After leaving American Eagle, McGalla ventured out on her own to become a private consultant for both the retail and the financial investment industries. She did this by using her knowledge and experience in the retail business. In 2011, McGalla became the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal, succeeding Ed Thomas.

McGalla eventually went on to be the founder P3 Executive Consulting. P3 provides consults and advice on strategic issues to executive boards of companies. Additionally, they help to reorganize development areas, and develop strategies for market entry, begin programs to support efficiency in corporate groups, and provide support for the development of technology strategies.

Susan McGalla currently works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. The Steelers are a professional football team, and part of the National Football League. They are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers are currently part of the North Division of the AFC, also known as the American Football Conference. The Steelers were founded in 1933, and they happen to be the oldest franchise in the American Football Conference.

McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she was raised along with her two brothers. Her father coached football. McGalla attended Mount Union College, where she received a bachelor’s degree in both business and marketing. She currently serves on the Board of Advisors at Mount Union College. Susan is married to Stephen McGalla, who is an accomplished wealth manager.