Lime Crime: A Color Revolution

Lime Crime was developed by Doe Deere, a Russian immigrant. She came to New York when she was a teenager. Deere says that she has always had an artistic flair. As a teen, she and a group of friends started a music group and went on tour. Her mother taught her to sew at an early age, so she designed all of the costumes for the group.

Doe Deere loves dramatic color. While in New York, she attended college for fashion. Fans of their music group loved the outfits she designed so much, that they wanted to buy some for themselves. Lime Crime began as an eBay store that sold Deere’s fashion creation. She says that the name came from her favorite color (lime), and a silly rhyming word.

Her work ethic has always been strong. As an entrepreneur, she modeled all of her creations herself. Deere says that she never liked the choices of makeup colors on the market at the time, so she developed some of her own colors. They were as vivid as Doe Deere’s personality.

In time, her fans wanted to buy her makeup. Soon, the makeup business eclipsed her fashion market. It became an exclusive makeup company. Today, Deere’s company is a multi-million dollar enterprise that sells makeup online. Customers adore the lush colors of lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and nail polish.

Deere travels the world promoting her company and female empowerment. She believes that women can do anything when they set their minds to it. She has mentored thousands of women who want to be entrepreneurs. She shares her story and encourages her listeners to reach for the stars.

Doe Deere is an animal lover and supports several animal charities. She proudly proclaims that her makeup is certified as cruelty-free. This means that the company does not use any animal products in their makeup. None of the products are tested on animals, either. Deere says that her brand is kind to the animals and the earth.

Customers can buy Lime Crime from its website. They can choose from all the luxurious colors and have them delivered straight to their door. Deere says that her company has an excellent customer service department that is friendly, experienced, and ready to help with any questions or problems. She believes that her company is a revolution in the world of makeup.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a growing company


Women everywhere are embracing the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. Women deserve the opportunity to fully express their personality, and they are seeking out products that allow them to do so. One innovative woman that is working hard to change the world is Doe Deere.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she was raised in New York City. New York offered many wonderful female mentors that allowed Doe to become an influential and intelligent person. Each of these mentors pointed out that society regularly restricts women from living life on their terms. Many of these women were particularly upset with the lack of options in the cosmetics industry. Every lipstick was a shade of red, and blush only came in conventional colors. Doe knew that there had to be a better way.

Doe and her husband moved to Los Angeles several years ago, and they immediately started working on changing the way the cosmetics industry is run. Doe contacted people throughout the cosmetics field and started forming a team of experts. This team immediately started working on creating a unique cosmetics company. They eventually revealed their new company, Lime Crime.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a new and exciting cosmetics company. They want women to live their lives out loud. They offer a huge range of lipstick options. Each lipstick is a truly unique option. Jet black, lime green, and electric pink are all common shades in the Lime Crime line up. Their Velvetines line has become especially popular because it offers a wide range of colors and it goes on like a liquid. Lime Crime’s cosmetics lineup is especially popular with women around the world.

Lime Crime has made a name for themselves with their lipstick, but their other cosmetic options are amazing. The company also offers great eyeliners. The eyeliners come in several amazing shades including blue milk, cupid red, and quill. These eyeliners going on smooth and they are completely smudge-free. Women love the high-quality eyeliners offered by Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is extremely proud of their reputation, but they are even more proud of their treatment of animals. All Lime Crime products are vegan-friendly and they do not perform any testing on animals. Animal lovers everywhere can feel comfortable using Lime Crime cosmetics.

Women deserve products that allow them to live their lives out loud. Lime Crime cosmetics is working constantly to make this vision a reality.

Lime Crime Makeup Is The Real Bold And The Beautiful

When she launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008, Doe Deere was taking a huge chance, putting everything on the line and hoping it would soar to new heights. The edgy cosmetics line did take off, winning fans all over the world and creating a brand that can compete with the giants.

Doe Deere said on that she wanted young women everywhere to feel unique and beautiful in their own right, and that’s what Lime Crime makeup is all about. The bold and radical colors of the lipsticks and eye shadows allow women to experiment and define what they view as pretty. It’s empowering and all about self-esteem to a young woman.

Now, Lime Crime is being talked about in beauty circles all the time, most recently on, who listed the best eight dupes found in Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. Lime Crime Velvetine’s Reddest Red just happens to be the perfect alternative for Kylie’s Mary Jo K shade.

Velvetines are one of the most addictive lip products you will ever try, and Lime Crime is the original liquid matte lipstick. It’s a huge seller for the company, and it’s simple to see why. The formula goes on smoothly like silk and dries nice and matte, retaining the softness and suppleness of a rose petal. Fans adore the liquid matte lipstick, because it lasts for hours and is basically touch-proof, and when you go in for the kiss, your lips feel smooth as velvet. also mentioned Lime Crime’s Velvetines in a post about Kylie’s new lip kit, namely her Kourt K shade in burgundy purple. The website advised choosing Lime Crime’s bold Jinx shade as the ideal dupe. The Witch-berry Purple stain is a major seller on Women who wear Jinx are enchanted by the edgy beauty of the color, its amazing staying power and modern appeal.

The world of makeup is really changing dramatically these days. Bold, opaque shades have become mainstream, thanks to beauty pioneers like Doe Deere who have transformed the market. Women have more makeup choices, and that is always a beautiful thing.

Doe Deere Breaks The Makeup and Fashion Color Barrier

Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere is one of a kind but, in the very best way. As the new makeup rules come out every September, in copy after copy of runway fodder Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules, all of the rules. If beauty is subjective, why not?

Since breaking makeup and fashion rules are far from a criminal act, there is no reason not to be like Doe and become a makeup pioneer. After all this is a industry that is all about being on the cutting edge of new trends. As children many are told to be a leader not a follower. Than two seconds later the mother is reminding her daughter to make sure she follows the rules that go with makeup.

Doe Deere loves breaking the rules of makeup and fashion. For instance that party dress just sitting in the corner like a wall flower can be used more for just one occasion and the only thing to do is spice it up by wearing a cute cardigan with it.

She even tells her own mom to dress to the personality inside not the age outside. If her personality clashes with her age and she chooses to listen to the age rule, she needs to shatter that rule. Doe Deere has always marched to her own beat. Early on she spent a lot of time on You Tube creating makeup and fashion videos. At first she didn’t even like how some of them turned out but, eventually ended up with more and more followers who were ready to wear their personality. She has come a long way and should be applauded for turning a passion into a career.

If you have a wild child hairstyle and color by all means allow the color to flow throughout the wardrobe as well. Black and white went out with the tube television that resides in the attic. Color adds personality so Doe Deere encourages color in clothes, hair and makeup. Because one is bright and sparkly doesn’t mean the rest has to be dull and drab.

One of Doe Deere’s favorite fashion statements would probably be approved by great aunt Ruth, who knew, she was the biggest trendsetter in the family by wearing fashion socks with a pair of open toes shoes. There are never to many colors so light up the world with a fashion rainbow and by all means clash those patterns together. The bolder the makeup the better instead of only one bold feature make them all bold.

Doe Deere is a leader in the make up industry. She has allowed her love for color to filter into all of her fashion choices. There are numerous trends set by this amazing woman who started her company after a slumber party among friends. She figured if she could dress and wear the colorful makeup that she wants why not turn it into a brand. She is breaking the color barrier everywhere.

Top Benefits of Online Dating

Dating has been revolutionized by the fact that modern technology has offered different platforms where people can meet with potential partners. Ranging from social media to the use of mobile apps, dating has been made easier by the fact that one no longer needs to go through traditional procedures that were time consulting so as to identify a partner. For someone looking for a partner who they can get into a serious relationship with, online dating sites have proved invaluable. In fact, many people are getting their partners from online platforms with the relationships leading to serious commitment like marriage. Here are reasons everyone searching for a partner should give the online dating options a try.

Fast, convenient
Unlike traditional methods of searching for a partner, online dating is easier and more convenient. All one needs is to offer details of the type of person that is needed and those who possess exact qualities will respond to the call. This takes very few minutes and after some few days, one can identify a partner of their choice. All information about the other person is shared including photos of them and videos. Once they agree to get into a relationship, the next step involves meeting each other at a secure place and if possible, one can be accompanied by a friend if it feels uncomfortable meeting a stranger in the first day.

Less pressure
Those who are shy can be able to express themselves without fear. Most people cannot face another person to express their feelings and this makes it difficult to get the right type of person. Dating through online platforms, shy people are able to offer all their details without fear and are able to select the person they feel can make a perfect partner.

Connect on a deeper level
Although the visual appeal of the profile picture of the other person may look appealing, one needs to learn more about he/she before committing to proceed further. This information is easily shared through interactions and more details about preferences and the status of each person van be shared. This allows one to make a better decision.

Online dating is relatively cheaper compared to other forms of dating. There are different platforms like, Skout, which is an application that is offered for iOS users to connect with more people through sharing of pictures and conversations that can help people create more friends. The system has been offering a platform where people get partners for dating and most have testified the benefits of the platform. This option does not require one to spend on fuel or to pay for dining as one does not physically meet with the partner. Skout on prnewsire is also easy to use and allows someone to connect with as many people as possible.

Since all details pertaining each party to the conversation are shared, one is likely to find a match. Dating sites allow users to specify the type of person they want and this information is visible to anyone using the site. Therefore, it is possible to connect with only qualified individuals that fit the description.

Girls Can Express Who They Are With Cosmetics From Lime Crime

No girl should ever have to feel timid about the cosmetics that she chooses to wear. The choices that she makes when it comes to what she puts on her face are all up to her, and she should not pay attention to any negativity from others. Instead, she should just go ahead and express who she is through her makeup. Whether that is through glittery eye shadow or a dark colored lipstick, that all depends on the girl. Whatever she chooses, though, if she goes with her heart, then she will be sure to end up with a look that she will love.
Cosmetics were never meant to be just about covering up the imperfections that one has, but they were also meant to be for fun. Lime Crime is a brand that wants to know that girls are always having fun with the makeup that they are wearing, and that is why the brand offers them so many great choices. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the colors of lipsticks, eye shadows, and more from this brand. When a girl discovers Lime Crime for the first time she will feel that she has finally found a brand that understands her. With the cosmetics from this brand she will be able to fully express who she is and the mood that she is in.
Girls should never feel the need to hide behind the cosmetics that they put on, but they should instead embrace the cosmetics and use them to make them look even more like themselves. They should try to have fun with the color options that are available, and they should remember that they are always beautiful, no matter what cosmetics they have on.
Cosmetics can do so much more than to just cover up the flaws that a girl feels that she has, and she should always be trying for something different when she is putting them on. She should express who she is through the cosmetics that she wears, and she should also remember to express the mood that she is currently in, too.