Protecting Your Online Reputation from Attack

One of the sad truths about being an entrepreneur is that there will always be people who are rooting for you to fail. Some of these people take things to the extreme, and with the internet making it easier for these people to have unique voice, they can harm your business quite easily. It doesn’t take much effort for a disgruntled employee, unhappy customer, or jealous acquaintance to sit social media and start damaging your reputation.


Consider these ways to fend off those attacks on your business name and reputation:

Never Deal Directly With Your Attackers

Nothing will please the people who are trying to destroy your reputation more than airing out dirty laundry online. If you try to fight these people with words, everything you say will be on the internet for the rest of the world to see. That is not how a professional handles issues like this, you need to give your enemies as little ammunition as possible to smear your name further.


Let the experts Combat the Smear Campaign

There are plenty of things you could be doing with your business, trying to stop every unhappy person who attacking your name is not one of them. Instead, let the professionals at work to clean up your online reputation while you continue to assure your customers it is business as usual. Work to give your customers even more value for their money while the search team finds negative content and makes it go away.


Promote the Positives of Your Brand

If you under a negative attack concerning a service or product you sell, work to add even more value for new customers in that area. When you make the offers irresistible, smart consumers will easily be able to tell that was an isolated incident from someone with an ax to grind.
When you turn a blind eye to this type of activity, what can happen is new customers become concerned about dealing with you because they have no assurance otherwise that you are not doing or saying what those people are claiming. Rather than getting down and dirty to try and clean up negative search results, using a website like can lighten the load while you get back to focusing your efforts at growing your business.

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