The Brazilian Economy is Gradually Improving


Although the Brazilian economy has faced a hard past, Eucatex president Flavio Maluf has confirmed that the economy is slowly coming back to the stable levels. Flavio said that the economy might have seen a sad past, but the future is optimistic and that the entrepreneurs will soon have a reason to invest. The current growth as measured in the last month has seen an increase in growth of about 2.1 points from the previous ratings.

The 2.1 increase as confirmed by industrial confidence index is the highest since July 2014, and the rate is expected to increase with time. Flavio having experience in the manufacturing industry is confident that the rate will not fall any lower. Although the index was taken when still there was a pessimistic view, the index will increase as more transactions September the index hit 88.6 from the previous month’s reading of 86.2.

This month analysis by the Brazilian Institute of Economics took the opinion from about 1,120 business individuals that gave the numerical results that proved there was an increase in the economy growth. Flavio Maluf said that the 2.8 growth from 2.5 made the count be 88.9 and it is not only for the current period but the next six months.

The volume of stocks was the major aspect that entrepreneurs used to rate their opinion on the improved economy. This was due to fall in the number of leaders who thought that stock was at high levels from 14.7% to 12.4% and the rate of entrepreneurs who believed the stock was insufficient was 7.1% from the previous 5.4%.

Flavio Maluf is the current Chief Executive Officer and the vice president of Eucatex Company a position he acquired since 2005.flavio is the vice chair of Eucatex trading and the CEO of Eucatex mining company. He has a bachelor’s degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.He is committed to improving the country’s economy as well as to lift the residents’ standards. He is optimistic that the economy will boom soon.  Learn more about Flavio on his Wikipedia page here: