Yeonmi Park tough escape to freedom

Yeonmi Park, born in 1993, survived in the ruthless and insensitive nature of North Korea as a privileged daughter. This was unfortunately cut short by the arrest of her father who later on died of cancer leaving her behind with her mother. Dictator King Jon UN caused a great havoc of oppression over the whole place. The depression they were exposed to was too much to bear and this set them off on a journey to flee North Korea. Park was only thirteen in 2007 when they set off for China. Due to the tight security at the borders, they would only manage through with help from the guards. Park’s mother got a friend to help them and they closed to the other end of China oblivious of what was impending there. In china, Park and her mother were exposed to great brutality. This included physical assaults and also immense mental affection. They were treated as less human being and seemed like there was no hope for them. China again became unbearable and they embarked on a journey closing Gobi desert on a cold night to South Korea and to freedom. Finally Park was enjoying all the freedom in her disposal something equaled to impossible while she was in both North Korea and China. She didn’t shy away to share her story out to the whole world and recently released a book, In order to live. Park’s braveness to share has led to her reference as an active agent of change. She hence has taken up to an activist of human rights which she makes clear is not only for North Korea but all humans. Park expresses her pain in the insensitivity the North Koreans are waking up to everyday and dying for food and freedom. Undeterred by anything, Park mentioned that she will use the voice she has following her freedom at last to save North Korea. Having learnt the power of love and humanity, Park is greatly advocating for equal opportunities to those still in North Korea since they equally deserve.