Lime Crime: A Color Revolution

Lime Crime was developed by Doe Deere, a Russian immigrant. She came to New York when she was a teenager. Deere says that she has always had an artistic flair. As a teen, she and a group of friends started a music group and went on tour. Her mother taught her to sew at an early age, so she designed all of the costumes for the group.

Doe Deere loves dramatic color. While in New York, she attended college for fashion. Fans of their music group loved the outfits she designed so much, that they wanted to buy some for themselves. Lime Crime began as an eBay store that sold Deere’s fashion creation. She says that the name came from her favorite color (lime), and a silly rhyming word.

Her work ethic has always been strong. As an entrepreneur, she modeled all of her creations herself. Deere says that she never liked the choices of makeup colors on the market at the time, so she developed some of her own colors. They were as vivid as Doe Deere’s personality.

In time, her fans wanted to buy her makeup. Soon, the makeup business eclipsed her fashion market. It became an exclusive makeup company. Today, Deere’s company is a multi-million dollar enterprise that sells makeup online. Customers adore the lush colors of lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and nail polish.

Deere travels the world promoting her company and female empowerment. She believes that women can do anything when they set their minds to it. She has mentored thousands of women who want to be entrepreneurs. She shares her story and encourages her listeners to reach for the stars.

Doe Deere is an animal lover and supports several animal charities. She proudly proclaims that her makeup is certified as cruelty-free. This means that the company does not use any animal products in their makeup. None of the products are tested on animals, either. Deere says that her brand is kind to the animals and the earth.

Customers can buy Lime Crime from its website. They can choose from all the luxurious colors and have them delivered straight to their door. Deere says that her company has an excellent customer service department that is friendly, experienced, and ready to help with any questions or problems. She believes that her company is a revolution in the world of makeup.

How to look younger and keep your face heathy

Most people are not conversant with the face massage and sometimes end up causing bruises on their faces. However, the massage is natural and also improves the skin’s health.
Face massage comes from Gua sha, which is a traditional Chinese medicine technique. Many professionals who practice the face massage have to first perfect the technique as most of the practices are the same. Gua sha is used to curb the aging effects through:

  • Reducing sagging skins
  • Brightening the complexion and improving dull skins
  • Decreasing discoloration and aging spots
  • Maintaining eye bags and correcting puffy eyes
  • Reducing bloating and also removes toxins from the face

The benefits experienced from Gua sha are almost the same as those of face massage. The objectives of face massage are:

  • To make the face slimmer
  • To Improve the health on the face and skin
  • To make the face feel firm

The face becomes slimmer due to the removal of bloat. Furthermore, face massage gets rid of toxic materials, therefore, making the face to be healthier. It also helps the face to be firm due to the reduction of the sagging skin.
The art of face massage needs to be carried out carefully to avoid damages on the skin. These are tools that you need when doing it:

  • Facial massage tool
  • Facial oil or cleansing oil

Facial massage tool
Using the right tool makes the whole process effective. Some of the most recommended tools are Chinese spoon, plastic massager, and a stone massage. The best one is a unicorn face massage which is stone made.
Facial oil
The face needs to be lubricated using the right type and quantity of oil. The best ones to use are Rose hip oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and diamond oil.
When doing the face massage, it is advisable to avoid using the wrong tool, always ensure the face is well lubricated and also you should not touch any broken skin.
Wengie, a beauty blogger, demonstrates how the face massage needs to be carried out through an online video. She first measures the distance between her chin and ear.
The first step is to apply the oil on the face. Then, she uses the scrapping tool to scrape the forehead upwards. Later, she uses the thin part to massage the eyes. Next, Wendy moves to the cheek which she scrapes across and up followed by the scraping from the chin to the ear upwards. Finally, she scrapes the toxic materials down the neck.
The success of the massage highly depends on a healthy meal and also drinking enough quantity of water. When done in the right way, the effects can be instantly felt. Wengie then measures the distance between the chin to the ear and notices that she has lost about 10 mm. The face massage should be done for about 10 minutes.


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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Line

Kate Hudson wants active girls to have an alternative to the standard little black dress.

Marie Claire Magazine got the scoop on Kate’s line of swimwear coming out this month. However, the big news appears to be her comfy and stylish new dresses. She has added some items to her Fabletic line that move easily into date and party time. Kate presents clothing that appeals to the varied needs of an active lifestyle and the new pieces add another level to the Fabletics line.

The idea behind her athleisure clothing is the combination of support, flexibility, and style. Add the affordable price and this could be the perfect “go to” dress that a girl is looking for. These dresses are designed to provide good looks with easy movement for time on the town.

This season’s new swimwear choices seem to fill the need for comfort, support, and sexy good looks, while providing great coverage while active or lazing by the water.

According to Fabletics channel on YouTube, the company started up in 2013, when the founders saw a gap that needed to be filled. There was a lack of affordable active wear that was both stylish and well made. The original model was an on-line store, where members set up a profile, so that outfits could be chosen for them, based on their personal lifestyle and activities.

A variety of options have evolved and the customer can set up the one that suits them best.

According to Just Fab, In 2015 the company opened “brick and mortar” stores in various cities across the country and have stated that they plan to continue the trend over the next few years. During the same year, Kate Hudson graced the fashion magazines and websites with the debut of FL2, her line of active wear for men. The company has also expanded their sales to other countries.

Doe Deere Breaks The Makeup and Fashion Color Barrier

Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere is one of a kind but, in the very best way. As the new makeup rules come out every September, in copy after copy of runway fodder Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules, all of the rules. If beauty is subjective, why not?

Since breaking makeup and fashion rules are far from a criminal act, there is no reason not to be like Doe and become a makeup pioneer. After all this is a industry that is all about being on the cutting edge of new trends. As children many are told to be a leader not a follower. Than two seconds later the mother is reminding her daughter to make sure she follows the rules that go with makeup.

Doe Deere loves breaking the rules of makeup and fashion. For instance that party dress just sitting in the corner like a wall flower can be used more for just one occasion and the only thing to do is spice it up by wearing a cute cardigan with it.

She even tells her own mom to dress to the personality inside not the age outside. If her personality clashes with her age and she chooses to listen to the age rule, she needs to shatter that rule. Doe Deere has always marched to her own beat. Early on she spent a lot of time on You Tube creating makeup and fashion videos. At first she didn’t even like how some of them turned out but, eventually ended up with more and more followers who were ready to wear their personality. She has come a long way and should be applauded for turning a passion into a career.

If you have a wild child hairstyle and color by all means allow the color to flow throughout the wardrobe as well. Black and white went out with the tube television that resides in the attic. Color adds personality so Doe Deere encourages color in clothes, hair and makeup. Because one is bright and sparkly doesn’t mean the rest has to be dull and drab.

One of Doe Deere’s favorite fashion statements would probably be approved by great aunt Ruth, who knew, she was the biggest trendsetter in the family by wearing fashion socks with a pair of open toes shoes. There are never to many colors so light up the world with a fashion rainbow and by all means clash those patterns together. The bolder the makeup the better instead of only one bold feature make them all bold.

Doe Deere is a leader in the make up industry. She has allowed her love for color to filter into all of her fashion choices. There are numerous trends set by this amazing woman who started her company after a slumber party among friends. She figured if she could dress and wear the colorful makeup that she wants why not turn it into a brand. She is breaking the color barrier everywhere.