Brian Bonar , The General Executive Officer of the Dalrada Financial Corporation

Brian Bonar is the General Executive Officer of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The Dalrada Corporation serves as a Marketing Alliance, providing clients with an extensive diversity of worker arrangements that improve marketing productivity.

The Dalrada Financial Services Cooperation also provides clients with the broad range of products and Employee programs that increase productivity. For example, the Dalrada Cooperation provides Employee Benefits, Financial Solutions, Promotional, and Business management services.

For almost a decade, he worked as the company’s CEO and chairman, positions that held him accountable for the comprehensive employee selection, aftermarket products, and employee bonuses.

The CEO is differently assigned to supervise operations at the Dalrada Financial Corporation because of his years of experience in administration information. His areas of expertise include risk management assurance, financial management, business, and promotional management services.

Similarly, since 2011, Bonar served as the CEO and Chairman of the San Diego-based Trucept Organization. Trucept helps medium and small partnerships with the administration of social resources, staffing, and employee benefits, among others.

Brian Bonar earned a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the Scotland Strathclyde University. He went on to the Stafford University in the United Kingdom and received a Ph.D. and MBA in International Business development Studios.

He also earned a Lord Bonar honorary title from the United Kingdom Cardiff, Wales, and Wilcrick. Joining IBM in 1969, Brian Bonar acted as the Appropriation Manager and was associated with personal computer outsourcing parts. He worked there until 1985 when he became QMS Engineering Director. He later went on to Rastek Corporation and Adaptec Corporations, where he served as the Marketing and Sales Vice President.

Although serving major company positions, he had the passion for starting his firm, and later he founded Bezier Systems, where he was the CEO in 1994. He shortly launched the first Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) printer.

Following successive years at the Itek Imaging and Technologies, he became the CEO and Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he manages his position until today. After becoming the Vice President, CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Services, he also founded and became a member of the AMS Outsourcing and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

In honor of his academic accomplishments, skills as a leader, and his many entrepreneurial achievements, Brian Bonar was acknowledged by a designation to the Cambridge Executive Yearly Finance Committee. Brian Bonar, the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation received the Professional Networking Highest Community Honor due to his various contributions in the technology disciplines.

The Cambridge selection committee has the mandate to choose these special honorees based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements and leadership abilities. This appointment is only bequeathed upon two female and male personalities in each yearly category.