Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Partners with UChicago to Develop Breast Cancer Treatment

Doctors at the University of Chicago have received a significant boost in the treatment of breast cancer patients, courtesy of an intervention by Tempus. Founded by Eric Lefkofsky, the Chicago-based cancer treatment startup has pledged to conduct molecular sequencing and analysis on behalf of breast cancer specialists. With such an essential gesture, cancer therapy will be personalized to solve the different disorders diagnosed in patients.To achieve this, Tempus intends on analyzing data from over 1,000 breast cancer patients to uncover microscopic patterns that can predict responses to various remedies. While addressing a congregation of doctors and students, Dr. OlufunmilayoOlopade, dean and professor of genetics at the University of Chicago, reiterated on the need to conduct adequate research on the millions of patients battling the disease. Despite such a struggle, most physicians focused on developing treatments in the absence of genetic information that can assist make better decisions.

By partnering with Tempus, Dr. Olopade and his highly skilled team aim at delving into molecular sequencing and deriving effective remedies in breast cancer. Unknown to most people, Tempus focuses on genomic sequencing and machine learning to assist doctors to make personalized therapy decisions. Founded in 2015, Tempus has undeniably broken down barriers to become operational last year. Based at 600 W. Chicago, Tempus is considered to be in a prime location, especially in the company of startups such as Drivin and Lightbank in its vicinity.According to verified reports, UChicago’s partnership with Tempus is the latest lucrative contract in recent months, and the duo intends on making the best out of it.

Profile of Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Lefkofsky currently serves as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, a tech company specializing in the treatment of cancer. Apart from holding such an influential post, Lefkofsky also founded Lightbank and Groupon, of which he regularly acts as the Chairman. Additionally, his keen tech acumen has also been felt at Uptake Technologies and Mediaocean.Lefkofsky is also an avid philanthropist having donated significant funds through the Lefkofsky Foundation to improve the living standards of local communities.Follow him on twitter: Click here.

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