The Brazilian Economy is Gradually Improving


Although the Brazilian economy has faced a hard past, Eucatex president Flavio Maluf has confirmed that the economy is slowly coming back to the stable levels. Flavio said that the economy might have seen a sad past, but the future is optimistic and that the entrepreneurs will soon have a reason to invest. The current growth as measured in the last month has seen an increase in growth of about 2.1 points from the previous ratings.

The 2.1 increase as confirmed by industrial confidence index is the highest since July 2014, and the rate is expected to increase with time. Flavio having experience in the manufacturing industry is confident that the rate will not fall any lower. Although the index was taken when still there was a pessimistic view, the index will increase as more transactions September the index hit 88.6 from the previous month’s reading of 86.2.

This month analysis by the Brazilian Institute of Economics took the opinion from about 1,120 business individuals that gave the numerical results that proved there was an increase in the economy growth. Flavio Maluf said that the 2.8 growth from 2.5 made the count be 88.9 and it is not only for the current period but the next six months.

The volume of stocks was the major aspect that entrepreneurs used to rate their opinion on the improved economy. This was due to fall in the number of leaders who thought that stock was at high levels from 14.7% to 12.4% and the rate of entrepreneurs who believed the stock was insufficient was 7.1% from the previous 5.4%.

Flavio Maluf is the current Chief Executive Officer and the vice president of Eucatex Company a position he acquired since 2005.flavio is the vice chair of Eucatex trading and the CEO of Eucatex mining company. He has a bachelor’s degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.He is committed to improving the country’s economy as well as to lift the residents’ standards. He is optimistic that the economy will boom soon.  Learn more about Flavio on his Wikipedia page here:

InnovaCare Health Introduces New Board Members

InnovaCare Health is a company based in the US. The company offers healthcare services to individuals by operating health plans, especially in North America. Today, the institution manages two programs from Medicaid. InnovaCare Health has earned the respect of many people for offering clients quality and affordable health care services. Not long ago, InnovaCare decided to increase its executive team members. The new board will have three more members.

Reports say that one of the members will be Jonathan Moyers. Jonathan was appointed to work in the position of Director of Actuarial Services on the board. He was appointed to this position because of his experience. He was once working for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey as the Director of Actuarial Services. Jonathan had also worked for Healthcare Partners at the position of Chief Actuary on These positions gave him the experience and knowledge to run a successful company like InnovaCare Health. When he was in charge of Employee benefits in International Paper, Jonathan is believed to have achieved a lot too.

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed to be the Chief Administrative Officer in the company. Penelope Kokkinides is one of the most influential individuals in the healthcare industry. She is very famous, thanks to her achievements in the field. She has worked in the health care department for a very long time, giving her the skills she needs to handle any situation. Penelope specializes in the government programs, and the organization will need her skills.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides was working as the vice president and chief operating officer for a successful organization in the country called Centerlight Healthcare. She also had the opportunity to work as the chief operating officer for Touchstone Health Corporate. In all her past positions, Penelope brought a lot of positive changes, become a very influential individual in the healthcare industry. Her skills and experience played a crucial role in her recent appointment.

Reports say that Mike Sortino was appointed to serve as the chief accounting offer in InnovaCare Health. Before the appointment, Mike was working as the controller at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. This position gave him a lot of experience in the insurance and reinsurance department.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare Health. Richard was given the top position several years ago after working in the operational and clinical healthcare department for more than twenty years. His leadership skills have played a significant role in the success of InnovaCare Health.

Wikipedia Scandal Motivates Gatekeeper Company

Having a Wikipedia page in today’s internet-driven world is a great asset. It can be used to advertise personally, or to advertise a business. Wikipedia has been used as a source of personal and public information for many years now. It is a great platform to easily get the word out about anything under the sun. However, Wikipedia is also a public platform that is user-edited, making it easy for cyber thugs to falsify information and put out lies on a page. Elite Daily ran an article about such an instance, where celebrity, Marion Cotillard’s page was vandalized and false information was spread.

The Elite Daily covered the Wikipedia scandal shortly after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce was publicly announced. Rumors abounded that the divorce was a result of Brad Pitt’s affair with actress, Marion Cotillard, though these rumors are not confirmed as true. Fans quickly flocked to Cotillard’s Wikipedia page and edited it to contain slandering names like “cheater”. To read the entire account, head over to Elite Daily’s article.

Though what happened to the celebrity was unfortunate, it is still beneficial to make a Wikipedia page for personal or business needs. There are those who wish to have the advertising benefits of Wikipedia, but are too busy to make a page or are afraid of cyber thugs creating a scandal by editing the page with lies. Fortunately, there is a collaboration of people out there that offer Wikipedia services for businesses and individuals. GetYourWiki is a business that offers several Wiki services, including page creation, updating and continual editing to make sure the information stays relevant and true. They can be hired to keep a continual watch on a Wikipedia page to stop any cyber bullies that decide to change any information. Their team of experienced Wikipedia editors can also offer expert advice about what content to put on the page. With these people available, anyone should feel good about creating a Wikipedia page for their own. To seek out GetYourWiki services, head over to their website:

Brian Bonar , The General Executive Officer of the Dalrada Financial Corporation

Brian Bonar is the General Executive Officer of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The Dalrada Corporation serves as a Marketing Alliance, providing clients with an extensive diversity of worker arrangements that improve marketing productivity.

The Dalrada Financial Services Cooperation also provides clients with the broad range of products and Employee programs that increase productivity. For example, the Dalrada Cooperation provides Employee Benefits, Financial Solutions, Promotional, and Business management services.

For almost a decade, he worked as the company’s CEO and chairman, positions that held him accountable for the comprehensive employee selection, aftermarket products, and employee bonuses.

The CEO is differently assigned to supervise operations at the Dalrada Financial Corporation because of his years of experience in administration information. His areas of expertise include risk management assurance, financial management, business, and promotional management services.

Similarly, since 2011, Bonar served as the CEO and Chairman of the San Diego-based Trucept Organization. Trucept helps medium and small partnerships with the administration of social resources, staffing, and employee benefits, among others.

Brian Bonar earned a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the Scotland Strathclyde University. He went on to the Stafford University in the United Kingdom and received a Ph.D. and MBA in International Business development Studios.

He also earned a Lord Bonar honorary title from the United Kingdom Cardiff, Wales, and Wilcrick. Joining IBM in 1969, Brian Bonar acted as the Appropriation Manager and was associated with personal computer outsourcing parts. He worked there until 1985 when he became QMS Engineering Director. He later went on to Rastek Corporation and Adaptec Corporations, where he served as the Marketing and Sales Vice President.

Although serving major company positions, he had the passion for starting his firm, and later he founded Bezier Systems, where he was the CEO in 1994. He shortly launched the first Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) printer.

Following successive years at the Itek Imaging and Technologies, he became the CEO and Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he manages his position until today. After becoming the Vice President, CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Services, he also founded and became a member of the AMS Outsourcing and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

In honor of his academic accomplishments, skills as a leader, and his many entrepreneurial achievements, Brian Bonar was acknowledged by a designation to the Cambridge Executive Yearly Finance Committee. Brian Bonar, the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation received the Professional Networking Highest Community Honor due to his various contributions in the technology disciplines.

The Cambridge selection committee has the mandate to choose these special honorees based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements and leadership abilities. This appointment is only bequeathed upon two female and male personalities in each yearly category.