Lime Crime Cosmetics is a growing company


Women everywhere are embracing the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. Women deserve the opportunity to fully express their personality, and they are seeking out products that allow them to do so. One innovative woman that is working hard to change the world is Doe Deere.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she was raised in New York City. New York offered many wonderful female mentors that allowed Doe to become an influential and intelligent person. Each of these mentors pointed out that society regularly restricts women from living life on their terms. Many of these women were particularly upset with the lack of options in the cosmetics industry. Every lipstick was a shade of red, and blush only came in conventional colors. Doe knew that there had to be a better way.

Doe and her husband moved to Los Angeles several years ago, and they immediately started working on changing the way the cosmetics industry is run. Doe contacted people throughout the cosmetics field and started forming a team of experts. This team immediately started working on creating a unique cosmetics company. They eventually revealed their new company, Lime Crime.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a new and exciting cosmetics company. They want women to live their lives out loud. They offer a huge range of lipstick options. Each lipstick is a truly unique option. Jet black, lime green, and electric pink are all common shades in the Lime Crime line up. Their Velvetines line has become especially popular because it offers a wide range of colors and it goes on like a liquid. Lime Crime’s cosmetics lineup is especially popular with women around the world.

Lime Crime has made a name for themselves with their lipstick, but their other cosmetic options are amazing. The company also offers great eyeliners. The eyeliners come in several amazing shades including blue milk, cupid red, and quill. These eyeliners going on smooth and they are completely smudge-free. Women love the high-quality eyeliners offered by Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is extremely proud of their reputation, but they are even more proud of their treatment of animals. All Lime Crime products are vegan-friendly and they do not perform any testing on animals. Animal lovers everywhere can feel comfortable using Lime Crime cosmetics.

Women deserve products that allow them to live their lives out loud. Lime Crime cosmetics is working constantly to make this vision a reality.

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