Lime Crime Makeup Is The Real Bold And The Beautiful

When she launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008, Doe Deere was taking a huge chance, putting everything on the line and hoping it would soar to new heights. The edgy cosmetics line did take off, winning fans all over the world and creating a brand that can compete with the giants.

Doe Deere said on that she wanted young women everywhere to feel unique and beautiful in their own right, and that’s what Lime Crime makeup is all about. The bold and radical colors of the lipsticks and eye shadows allow women to experiment and define what they view as pretty. It’s empowering and all about self-esteem to a young woman.

Now, Lime Crime is being talked about in beauty circles all the time, most recently on, who listed the best eight dupes found in Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. Lime Crime Velvetine’s Reddest Red just happens to be the perfect alternative for Kylie’s Mary Jo K shade.

Velvetines are one of the most addictive lip products you will ever try, and Lime Crime is the original liquid matte lipstick. It’s a huge seller for the company, and it’s simple to see why. The formula goes on smoothly like silk and dries nice and matte, retaining the softness and suppleness of a rose petal. Fans adore the liquid matte lipstick, because it lasts for hours and is basically touch-proof, and when you go in for the kiss, your lips feel smooth as velvet. also mentioned Lime Crime’s Velvetines in a post about Kylie’s new lip kit, namely her Kourt K shade in burgundy purple. The website advised choosing Lime Crime’s bold Jinx shade as the ideal dupe. The Witch-berry Purple stain is a major seller on Women who wear Jinx are enchanted by the edgy beauty of the color, its amazing staying power and modern appeal.

The world of makeup is really changing dramatically these days. Bold, opaque shades have become mainstream, thanks to beauty pioneers like Doe Deere who have transformed the market. Women have more makeup choices, and that is always a beautiful thing.

Creative Teaching Methods Using Wikipedia

For the majority of high school and college students, little thought besides an expected grade is put in to papers that they write. Because of this, they often put in a limited amount of effort to them, which reduces the learning experience that they could be having. So, to change this, teachers in Sydney have come up with a unique teaching method, and it involves Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has very high standards as to what articles that they are willing to accept. Any that are poorly written, not based on facts, or include poor grammar and misspellings are rejected automatically. Teachers are using this to their advantage by challenging their students to create a Wiki page for acceptance on the site. Those that fit the qualifications allow a constant source of feedback on the student’s work because of the comments and Wikipedia edits that are done to pages from outside viewers. This helps encourage students to spend more time in collaboration over the work they put in to their articles because they do not want negative feedback. Teachers have also said that encouraging their students to write for a public source this way teaches them about online ethics. Besides doing their own Wikipedia business page creation for submission, they are being asked to make Wikipedia revisions and leave comments on those articles that are already written by others on Wikipedia.

This interesting use of Wikipedia’s site is similar to the way that companies are getting more involved with making it work for them as well. A site called Get Your Wiki hosts several professional Wikipedia editors for hire that do the same writing, editing, and monitoring of pages to help businesses with their online reputations. By participating in this teaching method, students are learning about marketing and public relations, which might later help them to get jobs in some of the same companies that they are reading and editing articles about.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Line

Kate Hudson wants active girls to have an alternative to the standard little black dress.

Marie Claire Magazine got the scoop on Kate’s line of swimwear coming out this month. However, the big news appears to be her comfy and stylish new dresses. She has added some items to her Fabletic line that move easily into date and party time. Kate presents clothing that appeals to the varied needs of an active lifestyle and the new pieces add another level to the Fabletics line.

The idea behind her athleisure clothing is the combination of support, flexibility, and style. Add the affordable price and this could be the perfect “go to” dress that a girl is looking for. These dresses are designed to provide good looks with easy movement for time on the town.

This season’s new swimwear choices seem to fill the need for comfort, support, and sexy good looks, while providing great coverage while active or lazing by the water.

According to Fabletics channel on YouTube, the company started up in 2013, when the founders saw a gap that needed to be filled. There was a lack of affordable active wear that was both stylish and well made. The original model was an on-line store, where members set up a profile, so that outfits could be chosen for them, based on their personal lifestyle and activities.

A variety of options have evolved and the customer can set up the one that suits them best.

According to Just Fab, In 2015 the company opened “brick and mortar” stores in various cities across the country and have stated that they plan to continue the trend over the next few years. During the same year, Kate Hudson graced the fashion magazines and websites with the debut of FL2, her line of active wear for men. The company has also expanded their sales to other countries.

Dick DeVos and His Charity for Education

The son of direct marketing pioneer, Richard DeVos, Dick DeVos runs a very successful charity organization along with his wife called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation was begun in 1989 and supports school choice, as well as the arts, community health, social justice, leadership, and the revitalizing of neighborhoods in Western Michigan.

While school choice is a major factor in the DeVos family philanthropy, the faith-driven conservative family is also interested in developing the leaders of tomorrow. At times, the family has been at odds with libertarian and progressive groups due to their conservative leanings. But overall, the organization has done a lot of good in supporting school choice legislation throughout the United States. While funded mostly by religious schools and organizations such as Focus on the Family, their work has been positive overall for school choice of any kind.

School Choice is Big, But There’s More

While it’s true that school choice is certainly at the forefront of focus for Dick DeVos, there’s more than just that when it comes to funding and philanthropy. Political charities and organizations are another passion. Being one of the wealthiest people in the United States, with a net worth of $5 billion, donating toward what he feels are good causes has become a habit. 

Because Betsy is very involved in the political scene, many of these organizations have been of that nature. Religious charities have also been a favorite, with funds going to the aforementioned Focus on the Family, The Zuni Christian School, and Inner City Christian Federation. The latter used the funding to help homeless youth and families with emergency shelter and counseling. 

Due to their conservative leanings, some of the other grantees have included the likes of Freedomworks, AIE, and The Heritage Foundation. They’ve also donated generously to the Republican Party, putting funding into Rick Santorum, as well as Newt Gingrich. Dick also ran for the Governor of Michigan title in 2006. Betsy DeVos formerly held a chair in The Republican Party. 

However, the charitable and philanthropic acts of Dick DeVos are not limited to religious and political foundations. In fact, the DeVos family put up a generous $50 million donation to start a new children’s hospital, which was named after Helen DeVos, Richard’s wife. Among the supported non-partisan charities, ArtPrize is sponsored by Dick and Betsy and is an international art competition held annually in Grand Rapids. 

See Dick DeVos’ contact information at Windquest to get a hold of him.