Helene Morrison, a Dedicated Professional Woman Making Change Happen!

There are very few people in the world that can get at the top of their field and do it while serving the regular and ordinary and making changes that matter for people from many walks of life, especially women! 

Helane Morrison fascinates me from her careers in journalism and law to her work at the Securities Exchange Commission and at Hall Capital which is a huge, financial game player with a team of women for leaders! This is definitely not the average of todays world, while as women pursue business college and finish as men, we don’t see the same equality when it comes to holding top positions in the financial career market. 

Helane has been a woman who always saw the need for change and acted on it, not only is she a person of high integrity but has also saw to it in her career to police others and make sure they are too. The government even saw her dedication and skill when appointing her as head of Enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time at the SEC not only did she expose many corrupt employees at big companies but also was instrumental in the protection of senior citizens against fraudulent investments and activities and helped abolish insider trading. 

So many Americans have lost faith in Wall Street and in our economy, and less and less trust anyone with their money. There is no doubt that since the great depression the stock market crash of 2007-2009 was the next worst financial crisis affecting America but it also exposed a lot of shady activity and corruption. Homes were foreclosed on, banks were bailed out by the government and consumers lost confidence in even their most trusted sources for finance and investment. This insecure feeling spread not only in America but throughout the world, people felt more comfortable hiding money under their beds than in bank accounts or other investments. In a recent pool in the Wall Street Journal/NBC only 28 percent of Americans thought the economy is improving and with the 2016 presidential election looming no one is predicting any greater confidence, in fact the problem is expected to get worse. (Source) 

In the past many people relied on investments for financial gain and wealth but no one knows who to trust or where to turn now, a watchdog is needed more than ever. That is where Helene Morrison comes in. She has been involved and respected for protecting not only the financial assets of her clients but even those of the public in her work at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and now at Hall Capital she continues to be a trailblazer in ethics and a leader in the financial services market. 

Helane Morrison believes in change and equal rights, equality, fairness and integrity at work and holding others accountable for theirs too! She is a true force to be reckon with. 

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