Doe Deere Breaks The Makeup and Fashion Color Barrier

Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere is one of a kind but, in the very best way. As the new makeup rules come out every September, in copy after copy of runway fodder Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules, all of the rules. If beauty is subjective, why not?

Since breaking makeup and fashion rules are far from a criminal act, there is no reason not to be like Doe and become a makeup pioneer. After all this is a industry that is all about being on the cutting edge of new trends. As children many are told to be a leader not a follower. Than two seconds later the mother is reminding her daughter to make sure she follows the rules that go with makeup.

Doe Deere loves breaking the rules of makeup and fashion. For instance that party dress just sitting in the corner like a wall flower can be used more for just one occasion and the only thing to do is spice it up by wearing a cute cardigan with it.

She even tells her own mom to dress to the personality inside not the age outside. If her personality clashes with her age and she chooses to listen to the age rule, she needs to shatter that rule. Doe Deere has always marched to her own beat. Early on she spent a lot of time on You Tube creating makeup and fashion videos. At first she didn’t even like how some of them turned out but, eventually ended up with more and more followers who were ready to wear their personality. She has come a long way and should be applauded for turning a passion into a career.

If you have a wild child hairstyle and color by all means allow the color to flow throughout the wardrobe as well. Black and white went out with the tube television that resides in the attic. Color adds personality so Doe Deere encourages color in clothes, hair and makeup. Because one is bright and sparkly doesn’t mean the rest has to be dull and drab.

One of Doe Deere’s favorite fashion statements would probably be approved by great aunt Ruth, who knew, she was the biggest trendsetter in the family by wearing fashion socks with a pair of open toes shoes. There are never to many colors so light up the world with a fashion rainbow and by all means clash those patterns together. The bolder the makeup the better instead of only one bold feature make them all bold.

Doe Deere is a leader in the make up industry. She has allowed her love for color to filter into all of her fashion choices. There are numerous trends set by this amazing woman who started her company after a slumber party among friends. She figured if she could dress and wear the colorful makeup that she wants why not turn it into a brand. She is breaking the color barrier everywhere.

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