Investment Banking Tips By One of the Best

Investment banking is a form of banking made possible by the likes of Citadel LLC.It is a secretive world of master traders with a Midas touch for making money. Many people associate it with the likes of Kenneth Griffins and other prominent executives. Investment banks are a financial institution that primarily raise funds for different entities. These can be organizations, projects, special purpose vehicle, and other clients. They also are heavily involved in market making, prop trading and M&A.They make a bulk of their money from a style called hedging. It means betting on different commodities in the market and playing to win in that market. The difference between investment banks and retail banks is they do not take deposits. They are also well known for their aggressive investment strategies that has seen them make a lot of money. They use their good positions in the financial world to make moves that earn them a lot of money. The stock market to make their money. Ken Griffin has made his money in this world. His area of specialty is in private funds that make significant returns. He started off in a Harvard dorm room in 1986 and had since then grown his firm. It is today one of the largest securities traders in the world and accounts for 3 % of global trade. It has also made him very wealthy as Forbes estimates his wealth at a party $ 7 billion. Ken Griffin is a prominent art collector. He has nearly $ 1 billion in private collections. He sometimes gives out art collections to museums around Chicago but remains a big buyer. Case in point was when he recently bought a piece for $ 80 million dollars. He has become a cheerful giver with over $ 500 million in donations. He broke the record for giving when he donated $ 150 million to Harvard recently for the financial scholarship program. The award was named after him and has allowed him to make a difference to many people. The difference between investment banks and retail banks is still alien in some countries. Here in the US, it started in the 80s with the likes of George Soros. Investment banks have a sell and a buy side. The sell side involves dealing with securities and bonds and floating them on the Market. It is an extreme form of prop trading on insidermonkey that is known as the cornerstone of all investment banks. Buy side on the other hand mostly entails trading and, market making. It also involves consultancy in M&A and helping in floating IPOs.If an IPO isn’t well-taken care in the market, the banks can buy the shares at a discounted price. Investment banks come in many different forms and types. These include and are not limited to private equity firms, pensions funds, philanthropy funds among others. Kenneth Griffin has excelled in this world thanks to his aggressive nature and desire to succeed. He being a southern cowboy believes in the American dream and honesty.

Yeonmi Park, Grown Up Way Before Her Time

While most thirteen year old girls are talking on the phone, going to the mall with friends and starting to think about boys, Yeonmi Park is anything but,the typical 13 year old. In her short life she has faced what most adults would consider their worst nightmare. A world without food, full of every kind of abuse imaginable yet, she is standing strong on the other side telling her story in her new book In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom. with a strong hope that it will help others see the injustice in North Korea’s dictatorship. Yeonmi spent the first 13 years of her life not knowing anything about freedom. She does however know what it feels like to go hungry, she has been starved. She knows what it is like to be hurt, she has been physically abused and at thirteen she knows what it is like to be sexually abused, she was raped. She has been through all of that and still managed to leave North Korea with her mother on foot, in the dark. Yeonmi is a courageous fighter, winning a battle most of us know nothing about or refuse to listen. In order to find freedom she crossed a frozen river and a hot desert, never knowing what the next step would be for her and her mother. At times she had nothing to eat and abuse seemed to be just part of the journey but, she remained steadfast on her mission to become free. A few months after the year long pilgrimage to freedom, her father also crossed the border but, passed before knowing what it was like to be free. Today Yeonmi is trying to bring light to the nightmare that North Korea has become. Many people such as Pyongyang have gone out of their way to disprove her and have even accused her of working with the United States. Yeonmi continues to fight for her truth and works to make the world aware of what happens behind the scenes in North Korea. Original video at

YouTube Sensations

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a Chilean YouTube comedian better known as HolaSoyGermán. Germán has managed to attract large amounts of Spanish viewers and early in 2014, his videos surpassed 1 billion views. As of November 15, 2015, he has over 25 million subscribers and is the second most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. In May 2012, he created another YouTube channel called JuegaGermán, on which he uploaded gaming videos, and which briefly surpassed his main channel in views. JuegaGermán currently has over 8.6 million subscribers.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla make up the YouTube-based sketch comedy duo Smosh. Padilla originally began posting flash animations on his own site,, in 2002 and on Newgrounds in 2003, and was later joined by Hecox. In the autumn of 2005, they started posting videos together on YouTube, quickly becoming one of the site’s most popular channels. On September 18, 2014, Lionsgate announced that a feature-length movie was in development, and on July 23, 2015, Smosh: The Movie was released. The movie co-starred fellow YouTubers such as Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig and Markiplier. Smosh also lent their voices to the 2016 animated film, The Angry Birds Movie.

Wendy Huang, founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie is an Australia-based beauty blogger. She started her site in 2011 while working for a digital marketing agency serving clients in their own blogs and social media. In an attempt to, in her own words, “walk the talk”, she started her own blog so she could better understand the challenges met by the people she was advising. Since she has been obsessed with beauty and fashion since she was a school girl, she decided to combine the two in her blog.

Wengie originally blogged three times a week for almost a year before she saw any growth in readership, citing her consistency in updating “often and without fail” as one of the biggest reasons for gaining followers. Her blogging has carried over to her YouTube videos where she continues to share her advice on beauty, style and diet with an emphasis on Asian products and makeup styles that work for Asian features.

Doe Deere Breaks The Makeup and Fashion Color Barrier

Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere is one of a kind but, in the very best way. As the new makeup rules come out every September, in copy after copy of runway fodder Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules, all of the rules. If beauty is subjective, why not?

Since breaking makeup and fashion rules are far from a criminal act, there is no reason not to be like Doe and become a makeup pioneer. After all this is a industry that is all about being on the cutting edge of new trends. As children many are told to be a leader not a follower. Than two seconds later the mother is reminding her daughter to make sure she follows the rules that go with makeup.

Doe Deere loves breaking the rules of makeup and fashion. For instance that party dress just sitting in the corner like a wall flower can be used more for just one occasion and the only thing to do is spice it up by wearing a cute cardigan with it.

She even tells her own mom to dress to the personality inside not the age outside. If her personality clashes with her age and she chooses to listen to the age rule, she needs to shatter that rule. Doe Deere has always marched to her own beat. Early on she spent a lot of time on You Tube creating makeup and fashion videos. At first she didn’t even like how some of them turned out but, eventually ended up with more and more followers who were ready to wear their personality. She has come a long way and should be applauded for turning a passion into a career.

If you have a wild child hairstyle and color by all means allow the color to flow throughout the wardrobe as well. Black and white went out with the tube television that resides in the attic. Color adds personality so Doe Deere encourages color in clothes, hair and makeup. Because one is bright and sparkly doesn’t mean the rest has to be dull and drab.

One of Doe Deere’s favorite fashion statements would probably be approved by great aunt Ruth, who knew, she was the biggest trendsetter in the family by wearing fashion socks with a pair of open toes shoes. There are never to many colors so light up the world with a fashion rainbow and by all means clash those patterns together. The bolder the makeup the better instead of only one bold feature make them all bold.

Doe Deere is a leader in the make up industry. She has allowed her love for color to filter into all of her fashion choices. There are numerous trends set by this amazing woman who started her company after a slumber party among friends. She figured if she could dress and wear the colorful makeup that she wants why not turn it into a brand. She is breaking the color barrier everywhere.