Yeonmi Park tough escape to freedom

Yeonmi Park, born in 1993, survived in the ruthless and insensitive nature of North Korea as a privileged daughter. This was unfortunately cut short by the arrest of her father who later on died of cancer leaving her behind with her mother. Dictator King Jon UN caused a great havoc of oppression over the whole place. The depression they were exposed to was too much to bear and this set them off on a journey to flee North Korea. Park was only thirteen in 2007 when they set off for China. Due to the tight security at the borders, they would only manage through with help from the guards. Park’s mother got a friend to help them and they closed to the other end of China oblivious of what was impending there. In china, Park and her mother were exposed to great brutality. This included physical assaults and also immense mental affection. They were treated as less human being and seemed like there was no hope for them. China again became unbearable and they embarked on a journey closing Gobi desert on a cold night to South Korea and to freedom. Finally Park was enjoying all the freedom in her disposal something equaled to impossible while she was in both North Korea and China. She didn’t shy away to share her story out to the whole world and recently released a book, In order to live. Park’s braveness to share has led to her reference as an active agent of change. She hence has taken up to an activist of human rights which she makes clear is not only for North Korea but all humans. Park expresses her pain in the insensitivity the North Koreans are waking up to everyday and dying for food and freedom. Undeterred by anything, Park mentioned that she will use the voice she has following her freedom at last to save North Korea. Having learnt the power of love and humanity, Park is greatly advocating for equal opportunities to those still in North Korea since they equally deserve.

How Greg Hague Uses the 990 Company to Make Millions

After the incredible blow that the U.S housing market has taken over recent years, Greg Hague has transformed the real estate market by applying an age-old retail marketing ploy. He changes the perspective of introducing new products or, in the case of real estate, attracting new customers.

The 990 sells homes plan will work for any real estate agent. Greg Hague, the founder of the 990 Company assures agents that if you are willing to give up the six percent commission on every sale, you will succeed. At $990 for a sale, you may lose from these one or two clients, but you will gain in the numbers as people learn of your fantastic agency.

The six percent is almost etched in stone for some realtors, but Mr. Hague encourages them to look outside that box and see what is available. They cannot inspire their business if they don’t want to take a risk to see the possibilities.

The Founder’s History of the 990 Company

Greg Hague began selling real estate in Scottsdale Arizona, and he quickly rose to the top of the market in Arizona. Greg is friendly and outgoing, and he has an incredible business mind. After several years of being the top marketer in his district, he wanted more. He took an age-old concept that Nordstrom and Macy use all the time, and he applied it to real estate.

This original idea puts one item on sale to bring the customers in, and then they buy everything that’s not on sale. Today, Mr. Hague has thirty-five years in the industry and is a millionaire. He believes that his 990 Company is the best way to attract and grow a successful business.

The 990 Venture

Today, Mr.Hague shares the 990 concept with agents across the country and for the annual dues of only $200, he is excited to share his successful ideas on advertising, marketing and negotiating the deal. As you begin to see your business expand, using the occasional $990 deal, you will watch your agency grow.

Greg has had thousands of sales and made millions of dollars by letting go of the six percent commission in every case. Using the $990 offer to advertise the agency, the seller does all the work. They hold the open house, and the seller finds the buyer. The agent lists the home in the MLS and takes care of the legal duties. When the house is sold, the customer is so happy that they saved thousands of dollars that they tell everyone they know. In addition, they could buy a house from you, and you’ve made three percent. It’s a win-win situation.

For more information on how to stimulate your real estate business with the 990 Company, go to

The Rapid Growth Of New York Real Estate

New York has always been an enticing place to live. It appealed to the locals as well as those who lived as far away as another country. Perhaps it’s the bright lights, the feeling of excitement that the state invokes, or the opportunity to make it big. Whatever the reason, the trend of those flocking to the state doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Luxury Daily found that the real estate in the Manhattan borough saw some tremendous growth. In fact, it saw it’s fastest growth in seven years. Homes in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area will cost a pretty penny. A one-bedroom home in these areas can cost over 3 thousand dollars. The high-asking prices haven’t deterred people from choosing this state however. There was a sight dip in sale prices but Town Residential say’s that was just a blip and the real estate market is still thriving.

Not many companies know the NYC Luxury real estate business better than Town Residential. They are a real estate firm that specializes in luxury properties. They’ve been in business since 2010 and since than they’ve really put together a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of the business. They have the years of experience and the long history of providing expert levels of service.

This company has a great reputation considering the rapid growth in New York that they’ve dealt with. They take a personal approach and truly help those choose the right fit for them when it comes to luxury real estate. TOWN is upfront and honest about what a person can expect when moving into their new home. The representatives of TOWN will work first-hand with a person to ensure that all of their needs are being met and that their home is everything that they’ve expected and everything that they’re paying for. TOWN Real Estate also offers variety that can’t be beat. The real estate company expands into a large variety of neighborhoods in New York. A person can find their property listings in SoHo, upper east side, Greenwich Village, and many more.

Overall, the real estate business is not going anywhere. It’s here to stay, especially in the areas of New York. New York has seen tremendous growth and that will continue to happen. People will always want to flock to the Big Apple because of the appeal of the city. They are willing to pay the higher prices of real estate. Professionals at TOWN Real Estate are there to help those people looking for their home.

Are You Feeding Your Dog The Right Type Of Food?

Dogs are creatures who can eat a variety of different items, and honestly enjoy eating almost anything they can get their teeth on. However, this does not necessarily mean that the food they are able to eat is the best for them. In the long run, feeding a dog unhealthy food such as table scraps or foods that have a lot of byproducts in them can damage the dog and decrease its overall life span and quality of life on This is the very reason why doing a good bit of research into the food that a dog is being given is vital.

Beneful on petco is wonderful not only because it contains some of the highest protein levels for a growing puppy, adult dog, or senior dog, but it also has other items such as vegetables and grains in it that are exceptionally good for dogs. A person buying this food will be able to rest assured that the dog they are feeding will be happy and healthy, and that the food will be healthy enough to remain on for the duration of the life of the animal. However, be aware that some dogs do get picky over the food that they eat and may not want this anymore. If this happens it is normally because the dog has no taste for it anymore, but may also mean the dog has digestive problems. This is why keeping tabs on a dog is always important.

Another awesome thing about this style of dog food put out by Purina, is that it continues to be one of the finalists in terms of most popular dog foods, and dog foods that are healthiest for dogs overall. This means that not only is the dry dog food good, but the moist food as well! There is also a variety of treats that a person can give his or her dog. The trick to using treats and snacks is that a person must be sure not to overfeed the dog in question the treats. Dog food should be served at regular intervals throughout the day, and a treat given between feedings. This ensures that the dog’s regular diet is not messed up due to the fact that dog treats are higher in fat than dog food.

In short, being able to tell exactly what is in the food that a dog is being given is vital. People want to make sure the meat is pork, chicken, lamb or beef, and not some off-brand that is only partially meat based. Dogs have to have meat in their diets as they are primarily carnivores. Feeding a dog a diet with no meat can be detrimental to its health. Also, feeding a dog chicken and rice when it is ill is a wonderful way to help its stomach, as well as feeding its regular food. This ensures that the animal in question continues to be happy and healthy, lives a long life, and doesn’t have to worry about being ill.

Handy Home Cleaning – Home Cleaning Done Professionally

As someone famously noted, “There is no place like home”. There is something magical and incredibly sweet about having a clean home that belongs to you. Most homeowners have emotional attachment to their homes as well. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that a dirty, dingy home can wreck havoc on the value of the home as well as well-being of the individuals living in that home. Dirty homes can cause all sorts of illnesses and unpleasant environment inside, including relationship failure and mental breakdown. What every homeowner needs to know is that seeking a reliable home cleaning service will solve most of their problems. The good news is that, you can trust on companies like Handy Home Cleaning for your house cleaning needs.

Learning how to make the right decision regarding home cleaning and the choice of professional home cleaner can go a long way toward ensuring health and well-being of you and your family. Handy on recode company provides several benefits over other companies in your area. It is affordable, the professionals are highly skilled and trained in cleaning, they use the best equipment and green products for the service and so on. Besides, you will get to avail the incredible features and benefits of discounts and first-time customer offers from time to time. If approached prudently, cleaning a home through professionals can result in lasting financial and emotional benefits. As in the case with clients of Handy Home Cleaning, the type of service is everything with this cleaning task.

You may have heard of people skimping on cleaning products or resorting to DIY cleaning jobs during home selling only to cause more harm to their homes. Making poor choice in terms of cleaning will have permanent effect as well. Not using the right product and equipment will not get you anywhere. For example, Isabella thought she was making a frugal and smart choice by buying a new as seen on TV product for her carpet. She ended up ruining it with one application and had to call professional help to rectify it. After six months of waiting and finally getting the house cleaned professionally, Cathy got her home sold for $20,000 more than her asking price. These are some examples of what professionally cleaned homes can do for your wallet. Over the long run, your house value can go up if maintained well. You typically need at least once a year of cleaning service like this, every two months if you have guest coming over to your house on a regular basis and every month if you own pet and are allergic to dander.

Handy Home Cleaning service selects its professionals based on their skills, credentials and experience. Because a house is such a major purchase, you don’t want to risk it with below average service. Handy Home Cleaning knows this fact and makes sure that you are getting only the best service. At this company, you will find about as many variations of cleaning packages as there are flavors of fruit juice.