Visual Search Technology Greatly Enhances A Shopping Experience

Prominent visual search provider Slyce strongly believes in creating a unique shopping experience by integrating the world’s best brands into their proprietary online platform on Currently partnering with the top twenty retailers in the United States such as Lord and Taylor, Yoox, Mango, Coach, Forzieri, Nasty Gal, Singer 22, Saks Fifth Avenue, ASOS, Silver Jeans, JCPenny and Neiman Marcus, this renowned company strives to present a variety of customizable services for every product recognition need. As a fairly new corporation, Slyce has already outsmarted their competitors with the evolution of their mobile application that includes innovative visual search technology. This unprecedented platform enables users to identify products based on a stored picture on their smart phone. Most prominently, the company’s leadership team of experienced professionals is revolutionizing online shopping with the integration of modernize and practical visual search technology.

The inspiration for a premier and unusual product recognition company started at a prominent consulting firm (Business Instincts) where coworkers Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot envisioned an online interface that merged shopping and advanced technology in a simple and streamline approach. During their employment at Business Instincts, which was the partners’ first entrepreneurial pursuit, the dynamic duo worked tirelessly to draft the perfect business plan that would create the best visual search company in the country. In February 2013, Slyce was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The following year, the company generated roughly $10.75 million in seed funding, most of which was used to develop innovative shopping features.

Slyce’s increasing popularity is influenced by their proprietary online products and services. Moreover, by utilizing the Snap-to-Buy feature, customers can easily purchase identifiable items through a retailer’s website. In addition, the company developed the Visual Relevancy Engine, which is a unique recognition platform that locates similar products based on the uploaded image from a customer’s smart phone. Similarly, Slyce has recently created a service that can identify products from posted pictures on social networking applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of the company’s complementary features include Snap-to-Discover, Snap-to-List, and Snap-to-Coupon.

Today, Slyce is often referred to as the “Shazam” for shopping as most customers truly enjoy the unprecedented shopping experience. As the company continued to expand, Chell and Racicot acquired, SnipSnap, BuyCode, and Drivetrain Agency in 2014.

Following these noteworthy purchases, BuyCode Chief Executive Officer Avital Yachin was hired as Slyce’s Chief Production Officer and Drivetrain Chief Executive Officer joined as the Chief Technology Officer. In the same year, the company traded publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange market, which was achieved through a mergers and acquisitions agreement with Oculus Ventures. Slyce’s current partners are Offerpop, Purchase Decision Network, and Photon.

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