What Traits a Businesswoman Should Have

Most women don’t choose business unless they have the real motivation, patience and willingness to survive in that business. Likewise, women shouldn’t choose business unless they have a supportive family, get along with profit and loss equally, understand the issues involved both in social and career level and are extraordinarily motivated.

Remember, not all women are cut-out for doing business and choosing it as their main career. However, there are no hard rules as to who is and who isn’t. The fact is that women who have skills and traits in marketing and selling a product or service are mostly successful in business. Again, the absence of any of these traits isn’t necessarily a showstopper if the right motivation or need is present. For example, a woman who can get along well with other people would be more successful. Other women will have the right motivation but will have to make an extra effort to connect with people. In general, a woman who is motivated and willing to start a business, is more than halfway there. She needs to take a honest look at where her strengths and weaknesses lie and move in the right direction.

Here are some tips on how a woman can improve her business skills and potential. A woman who wants to do business should have a supportive family. Since a business needs complete attention during the initial stage, woman should have someone caring for family members at home. A businesswoman needs to have a good social contact which means she should be able to connect with people visually as well as non-visually. It is good to have strong communication skills. If the business is a startup, she should be a self-starter, has strong work ethic and be an effective time manager. Running a business be it small or big on your own if you are a woman means passing many hurdles along the way. A specific goal will make the task a little easy for a woman. It is better if the woman is a perfectionist, likes what she odes, is dependable and organized, good at multitasking, comfortable with technology, a problem-solver, and has a strong desire to move forward along with many other traits.

Susan McGalla President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitter brand worked with her family to turn her dreams into reality. She even established expectation from her family members. It worked for her. She made a wide range of contributions to the company she worked for. SusanMcGalla’s page on about.me held many positions in those companies and brought a true culture change that motivated other women like her.

Even for women with supportive family, being a businesswoman sometimes means some serious reprogramming to their schedules. Kids need to be educated well regarding the extra time off. There is a need to have the patience with an extraordinary ability to concentrate as well. For some women, having a business of their own is a respite from the battles at home. It gives them a chance to be independent.

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