Eucatex: In The Forefront Of Ecological Materials Manufacturing


Eucatex, also known as the Eucatex Group, was formed in 1951 as a production company dedicated to the creation of lining and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers. The first factory was built three years later in 1954 in Salto, Brazil and produced softboards. The company patterned its business model from the Americana Sawmill Americana (est. 1923 in Sao Paulo) and later began manufacturing ceiling tiles and paneling.

The current president of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf (born December 2, 1961), a mechanical engineer and graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, or FAAP). He worked in the trade division of the company from 1987-1996 and was later invited by his uncle (who was president of Eucatex at the time) to join the executive group. In 1997, Maluf became company president, heavily financing new products shortly thereafter. He expressed prolific concerns surrounding the company’s technology and innovations, and worked diligently to catapult Eucatex into the forefront of ecologically-friendly materials manufacturing.

Eucatex has mastered the art of fabricating products from eucalyptus derivatives. To ensure that high-quality products are created, choice seedlings are grown through vegetative propagation (asexual cloning) on the company’s plantations. After success with tiles and panels, the first paint products were incorporated into the product line after export trade began in 1965. For the next 25 years, Eucatex globally expanded to more than 50 countries, categorizing its products into four main areas – forestry, wood, metallic, and mineral.

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