The Best Investment Opportunities in Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the seventh largest economy in terms of (GDP). These are just a few of the reasons Brazil is currently providing excellent investment opportunities. The following are four of the best areas of investment in Brazil.

1. Coffee
Some investment experts are predicting that coffee may be the top commodity performer of 2015. Brazil is the top coffee producer in the world, making this a great area for investment opportunities. The export volume of gourmet coffee has risen significantly in recent years.

2. Sugar
One of Brazil’s biggest railroad operators has recently announced that they will invest $2.6 billion over the next five years to keep up with the higher agricultural production. Since Brazil is not only the world’s top coffee producer, but the biggest sugar producer as well, sugar will likely be a good investment in the coming years.

3. Iron Ore
Brazil boasts some of the largest iron ore deposits throughout the world. The Chinese are currently investing in Brazil’s iron ore production. The company Vale, with Chinese backing, is now able to fund a $16 billion expansion in their mines. This particular company is expected to grow in the coming years, making it a great investment opportunity.

4. Hydropower
Hydropower provides most of Brazil’s electricity. The Itaipu dam in the southwest area of Brazil is the world’s second largest hydroelectric power plant for energy generation. Brazil takes a different approach to hydroelectricity by relying on large plants instead of several smaller dams. Itaipu and Belo Monte are two of the largest Brazilian hydroelectricity plants.

Before investing in Brazil make sure to study the markets and get advice from those who understand the country and the investment process. Native Brazilian Igor Cornelsen is a former banker and investment professional who many people rely on for expert investing advice. He encourages individuals to earn passive income through long-term investments.

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